BETWEEN - Episode 3: Crossing Lines

Saturday, 6 June 2015

After government testing reveals the disease is airborne, it doesn't seem that the quarantine will be lifted any time soon. This is starting to increase tension in the town and forces some people to try rash decisions.

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Key Points
We see a new character at the very start of the episode who opens a cage containing a tiger to then see a blood stained trainer. Adam is taking care of Wiley after her collapse and explains why he thinks she fell ill. Amanda finds Lana's phone and when Chuck finds this he sees Ronnie was the last person to text the late Lana arranging to meet her in the woods where her body was found.

Chuck gets his group together and armed with guns, they go with Gord to Ronnie and Pats' house to bring Ronnie in before they think he can hurt anyone else. After all power is cut to the town, Gord ends up getting grazed by a bullet after a small shootout between Ronnie and the other starts.

Chucks group get some police radios to use while the power is out, yet these don't work either, causing further suspicion in the town. Rumours start to circulate that the power cut is a result of the military electrifying the quarantine fence and blowing the grid. Ronnie has an alibi for the night of Lana's murder, a drunken night with his Chuck's girlfriend, Stacey.  After agreeing with Stacey to go to a peaceful meet with Chuck, she ends up punching Ronnie and fleeing to Chuck claiming Ronnie had attacked her, maybe her conscious caught up with her about her antics.

Adam and Wiley manage to cut through the fence but they nearly stumble onto a minefield just past the perimeter fence. Adam decides to test the area with Wiley's bag, which soon confirms that the minefield is live, with the contents of her bag being blown into the air, which turns out to contain a huge amount of cash. Gord's sister who is looking after the farm gets taken by surprise as the tiger comes to the barn, and after fetching a rifle she tries to defend herself.

Ronnie has tried a new tactic and taken Amanda at knife point, an agrees to release her in exchange for a gun. After the swap takes place Chuck beats up Ronnie after, but is soon shown the evidence of his innocence after Pat rushes in to stop the attack and shows the text from Stacey. She ends up getting left on her own after Chuck confronts her and she still tries to deny she was with Ronnie.

Gord goes back to the farm to find the tiger shot dead outside and finds his sister safe. We then see the return of Mark who turns up in a lorry. The episode ends with Wiley agreeing to go and stay with Ronnie.

Episode Thoughts
Chuck is still trying to exert control over the town and after arming himself and the group they are becoming more dangerous, with the aggravation towards Ronnie ever increasing. The episode was still a little slow with it appearing to take a while for things to move forward but we are starting to discover new questions about what is going on, namely why a minefield has been installed around the fence and why they have cut power and communications to the town. Hopefully we will soon start to get some answers about the disease to keep the interest in what will happen.

That's all for this weeks episode, see you next week to find out the new developments.

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