Day Trip To Tynemouth

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Seen as there was such nice weather at the weekend it was a perfect opportunity to take a trip to the coast. Me and Laura drove out for the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and go and explore. The view in the photo below is Tynemouth Longsands and as the name suggests it is a huge beach to enjoy. 

Getting There
We drove to Tynemouth from Newcastle and it only took around 20 minutes with little traffic. If you don't have a car you can easily get there from Newcastle or surrounding areas using the Metro, which is around £4.50 for a unlimited day ticket that will get you all the way to the coast and back.

What There Is To Do & See

There is a castle looking out to see that is owned by English Heritage. You can pay around £4 for students although as it is a derelict castle that has partly collapsed, you can see most of it without actually paying to go round. There are quite a few nice areas around the castle to sit and enjoy the view. 

This is the second beach at Tynemouth which is smaller than the first but is contained in its own little cove. Another great area to enjoy the sun, and even some people who braved the cold water!

As the coastline looks out onto the North Sea you often see boats and ships passing which seems to give it that typical coast view.

We also drove just up the coast to Whitley Bay and went to the St Mary's Island Lighthouse which is worth a visit to go and see. There are a few car parks close to the lighthouse so you go and get a great view.

What To Eat

We went for the obvious choice when going to the beach and got a takeaway Chippy. We won't to Marshall's Fish & Chips shop and we were very impressed with the food. A lot of other people seemed to have the same idea as we were queuing out of the door! Even if you have to queue its worth the wait and you can beat taking them up the street to sit with a great view.

Of course you can't go to the seaside without getting an ice-cream.

I hope you enjoyed this post and might consider taking a trip out if you are ever around the Newcastle area.

Have you ever been before or anywhere near?

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