Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 16 (Finale)

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This is it, the finale we have all been waiting for. Let me say it an exciting action packed episode!

So this week Morgan returns into the action and gets attacked by two guys trying to steal all of his supplies and gives him the impression they will kill him and take him away. The weird thing here is both the guys have the 'W' carved into their foreheads. Not just walkers with this branding. Morgan manages to deal with the two and leaves them both unconscious in the back of a car, attracting the attention of any walkers by sounding the horn. 

Over in Alexandria, Rick is waking up in one of the empty house, and soon Michonne, Glenn, Carol and Abraham are in the room talking to him about what Deanna has planned. Rick is telling them what he wants to do if they try to remove him from the community, which involves taking Deanna, Reg and Spencer hostage. This appears to sit well with some of them, while Glenn and Michonne seem a bit more reserved about the idea. 

Fighting Rick's corner with Deanna, Maggie is trying to change her mind about getting rid of him, which doesn't seem to go well, however Reg seems to understand Maggie's point and gives her hope that he will try and convince Deanna. 

Meanwhile, Sasha is clearing up walker corpses into a bit then bizarrely goes to lie on top on the pile. It seems she is losing it even more. 

Later that day Carol visits Rick on her own and comes to pass him a gun after his other was taken when he got knocked out by Michonne. Outside their house Maggie is going to try and get people behind Rick prior to the meeting to help his chances. While they are talking, Nicholas is watching them and then goes off to climb the fence, which Glenn sees and then goes to follow. Nicholas is lured into the woods and shoots Glenn, only hitting him in the shoulder. Nicholas runs over to finish the job but Glenn has escaped. 

Daryl and Aaron have found a warehouse with food trucks outside and go to investigate. They get to the back of the lorry and open its door only to be confronted by numerous walkers coming out of the back as well as all the other trucks which were triggered by opening the other door. They escape as far as a car and take refuge inside. After a bit of waiting Morgan ends up rescuing them and the three escape the safety. Morgan needs directions and hands his map to Daryl, which was the map left for Rick a while ago, which Daryl notices.

Back in Alexandria, Abraham is checking on Tara, but Eugene is there. They both seem unhappy to see each other but end up making peace. After letting Gabriel back in, Spencer asks him to shut the gate behind him, yet for some reason Gabriel doesn't close it over properly. 

After being asked to the meeting by Michonne, Rick notices the open gate and heads straight to close it. It seems it is too late with walker blood on the floor leading into the community. With Rick not there, Deanna still decides to start the meeting. She is trying to convince people to be in favour of getting rid of him, while Carol and others defend him. Unknown to all at the meeting, Rick has found and dealt with all the walkers that have got into camp. 

Over at the food warehouse, the two 'wolves' have got the red poncho man that Daryl and Aaron were tracking and cut his throat outside the gates. Remotely activating sound and lights they lure the walkers back into the trucks. This raises suspicions as to their motives. 

After fighting again, Glenn presses his gun into Nicholas's head he is just about to pull the trigger. Luckily, Glenn ends up lowering his gun and then both break down. 

In the church, Gabriel appears to be winding Sasha up so that she will shoot him and he doesn't seem to cope anymore. Maggie walks in just in time to stop her. 

Rick now makes his entrance at the meeting dumping a dead walker on the ground and expressing his reasons for needing to change the way they act. Pete then barges into the meeting brandishing Michonne's sword. How was Pete able to get this? He lunges towards Rick but is stopped by Reg who ends up getting his throat slit. No sooner has Reg dropped to the ground than Deanna has given Rick permission to kill Pete, to which he swiftly obliges. Just as he does this, Morgan has arrived at the meeting with Daryl and Aaron. 

Michonne decides to take her sword back and the episode ends with the words "wolvesnotfar" on the side of a car in the warehouse, with the red poncho guy now a walker on the floor. 

Such a dramatic episode for the finale, some questions answered and others asked. Will the community follow Rick, what happens with Morgan and will we find the reason behind the wolves. That's all for this season!


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