Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 15

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

This episode starts off with Carol taking a casserole she has made for Deanna and her family as a condolence for the death of Aiden, yet she burns the note Carol brought and dumped the casserole outside at the front of the house. Deanna is watching a video of Nicholas talking through what happened, and it turns out he is putting all the blame on Glenn for the explosion and why Aiden died.

Over the other side of camp Glenn is explaining to Rick what happened, but reinforces that they have to make it work with the rest of the community. Later on Rick has taken a trip down to the lake and appears to be contemplating his thoughts, while holding the gun he stole. Pete walks past and asks how he is, to which Rick replies "keeping walking". The tension between the two hasn't changed. 

The day after, Sasha is found to have been in the tower all night, and Rosita gives her concerns to Michonne and that Sasha hasn't come back yet. They go out through the woods to look for Sasha and think over the fact its the first time they have been out the walls since they moved here, it seems to have been affecting Michonne like she misses the action. 

When Rick goes to speak to Deanna about the problem with Pete his is angered when he discovers she already knows about the problem and was hoping it would go away. She has avoided doing anything due to Pete's medical training being very useful. 

Back to the search for Sasha, and Michonne and Rosita have found walkers that have been shot in the back of the head, which is almost a trademark for Sasha's kills, and they realise that she is hunting them. 

We saw Carl go over the wall after Enid and has since been following her. He soon realises she has seen him after she tells him how loud he has been following her, and this seems to bring them together, happily running through the woods together. 

Glenn goes to talk with Nicholas and has forbidden him from leaving Alexandria on his own as he will not survive otherwise. Nicholas takes this as a threat but Glenn tries to tell him its for his own good and he is saving him.  

Moving back to Carl, he and Enid have noticed a large group of walkers coming towards them, and unable to defend themselves against this many they squeeze into a hollow tree and wait for them to pass. The two seem to get a little cosy in this tight spot they are in. 

Appearing to think nothing of Glenn's advice, Nicholas has got out the camp and retrieved a stashed gun, the one Rick originally stashed but was then taken. Meanwhile Sasha has been found taking out a group of walkers. Michonne and Rosita join her but she doesn't seem to like this. 

Moving over to Daryl and Aaron who have seen a campfire further away, and heading towards this they find limbs scattered across the floor. Further up, a women completely stripped of clothes and intestines is tied up on a tree, again with a 'W' carved into her head. This seems to be a recurring site. Aaron realises this death has only just happened. They must have just missed the culprit. 

After going back for a second time trying to convince Jesse to let him help with the Pete issue, Rick ends up convincing her. On cue, Pete walks in and asks whats going on. After a few heated words Pete and Rick end up in the street in a violent brawl. The rest of the community come out to see the commotion with Deanna giving orders to stop. Rick shouts back at her asking what would happen if he wouldn't stop, and pulls out his revolver. 

Rick is trying to tell the community they need to change the way they do things and that he won't let them carry on and let more people get killed. Out of nowhere Michonne comes and punches Rick from behind.

The episode ends with Rick knocked out on the floor. Next week we have the finale, with what should be a dramatic end. 

What will happen to Rick, will the rest of the group stick with him and will anyone else die? Will we find out what the 'W' markings are all about?

See you next week for the extra long season finale!


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