Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 13

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Welcome back to this weeks round up of the latest episode. This week starts off with Sasha looking at some photos of the Alexandria community and their families. The next morning she takes these photo frames and goes outside of the camp after checking out her weapon, sets the frames up and uses them for target practice. It seems she is struggling to adopt the new lifestyle.

While this is going on, Rick, Carol and Daryl are outside the walls by the small hut that Rick had stashed a weapon at a while ago. They are talking through a plan to retrieve some weapons from the safe room where they are all kept. A walker comes out of the trees which Carol deals with. The group then notice a 'W' carved into the walkers forehead, why would this be here?

Deanna is talking with Rick, Maggie and Michonne about her desire to build up the community into a thriving sustainable region. She wants Maggie to work with her to help organise things when they expand. While they are outside Sasha comes to join them and offers, almost insistently, that she wants to be on the watch tower, to which Deanna informs her they don't actually have people in the tower. This shocks Rick who tells Deanna they need to have someone up there 24/7.

Daryl is outside the walls with Aaron and they comes across a stray horse that he has been trying to catch to bring into the community. Daryl takes the rope and attempts to catch the horse, yet it gets scared off by approaching walkers.

Back inside the camp and Carol is getting some food to make cookies, and two of the men come in to retrieve their weapons. She uses this opportunity to follow them in engaging in conversation, and manages to distract them enough to open the window latch.

Later than night, Deanna is hosting a welcome party at her home for Ricks group, which brings the communities people together. This gives the chance for some of the group to settle in and get to know some of the others.

Back outside the walls, and Daryl and Aaron are still after the horse, but their attempt is soon worthless after it becomes overrun by walkers. They both seems sad to see this gruesome end for the horse and soon put it out of its misery.

Back at the party and Carol manages to slip out to head towards the weapons room, while Daryl has decided against going to the party, but gets invited in for dinner by Aaron. After slight hesitation he accepts. It seems Daryl might be giving people a chance to get to know him.

Switching again back to the party, and Sasha has just arrived. She doesn't seem too happy to be there and almost turns round and heads home, yet Deanna's son who answers the door convinces her to come inside. She is resistant to the idea but comes in and goes through to the party.

After finishing his meal, Aaron takes Daryl through to his garage and reveals a motorbike and spare parts. He reveals he has told Deanna not to give Daryl a job because he has one lined up for him. He tells Daryl he will need the bike to go out and be a recruiter for Alexandria. He seems to understand

Daryl needs to be outside of the walls sometimes and can relate to him, which seems to be slowly forming a bond between the two of them. Daryl is slowly letting down some of his barriers.

Carol is stuffing some handguns into a bag when a boy catches her, actually hoping she was going to make more cookies. Carol blackmails and scares him not to tell anyone about what he has seen, which seems to work by the horrified look on the boys face.

Later, Rick and Carol both take a pistol, but Daryl decides he will leave it for now. Maybe his way of trying to fit in and build trust.

Sasha's really not coping at the party as she becomes more and more overwhelmed. She finally snaps when one of the woman offers to cook her a meal and worries she will cook something she doesn't like. Sasha explodes responding with "that's what you worry about!". The next day Deanna lets Sasha go into the watch tower, probably realising she needs time to cool off.

The final part of the episode follows Rick on patrol who is admiring Jessie once again, which seems to be coming a common occurrence. Bearing in mind her husband, who has already 'exchanged words' with Rick, seems to be a little unpredictable, this admiration may not be the best thing!

That's it for this weeks round up, we seem to have seen a bit of everyone's story develop this week. Sasha is still having problems adjusting, while Daryl seems to be slowly warming to the community. Rick is warming quite a lot to a certain blonde.

Will they all manage to settle in? Although resulting to taking weapons seems to further their doubts. See you next Wednesday!

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