Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 12

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

So last week's episode finished with the group pulling up to this 'save haven' and are just about to go through to find out what's on the other side. In this weeks episode the group enters through the gates to find some of the leaders of the camp waiting for them on the other side. Rick goes to speak to Deanna who is in charge of the community and she asks to film their talk. She tries to find out more about Rick and his group. Rick warns that the community should keep its gates shut but she says they need people from the outside to help sustain their community. 

The group are asked to pass over their guns for safekeeping while within the community and are given houses to stay in. These having running water, fresh bedding, the lot, and Rick takes full advantage, showering, having his hair cut and finally shaving that beard off!

Daryl goes to talk to Deanna but he is very defensive and she struggles to get through to him. The group are then split between houses to give them more space, but Rick decides it will be safer to all stay in one house for the first night. That evening Deanna comes to check on them and says she is lining up jobs for some of the group.
The next day Rick is walking with Carl and Judith down the street from their house, and loses site of them. In a mad panic he sprints off down the road, ending up being stopped by Jesse who takes him to where they have gone.

Carl goes to see some of the other teenagers and seems to find it hard to fit in at first but comes round in the end. This may be due to never really being able to experience being a teenager himself. Rick and Michonne both cannot sleep and Rick goes out for a walk, coming across Jesse's husband on his porch who exchanges a few words.

The next day Carol is trying to convince Daryl to go take a shower and clean up but he still refuses. Maybe he doesn't want to let his guard down just yet. Carl sees a girl climbing over the fence and decides to go out and follow here but ends up finding his dad who is looking for the gun he stashed before they entered the camp, but it is gone. This arouses suspicion as to who took it. They attract the attention of some walkers but soon deal with them.

Noah, Lauren and Glenn are outside the camp with two of the community people, and Lauren nearly ends up getting killed by a walker after the two men try and chain up a walker. Back in the camp and Glenn squares up to one of the men, which leads to Glenn punching and knocking him to the ground. Rick and Daryl step in but soon calm is brought.

Deanna assigns Rick and Michonne as constables of the community, which Rick later comes down in the house with his uniform on, 'trying it on for size'.

He then goes out to speak to Carol and Daryl, and decides they will stay here, but speaking about the community he says, "if they can't take it, we'll just take this place". The episode ends.
Does Rick have an ulterior motive with this community, and can they trust the people there. The group still seems a bit reserved with some settling in better than others, Daryl still very unsure.

That's it for this week, what we next weeks episode bring?

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