Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 9

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Welcome back to Walking Dead Wednesday now season 5 is back! 

This episode begins with a soil being dug over and Gabriel giving a eulogy, this already is setting up for some tragic event. Blood is seen dripping onto a painting of a house - who's blood is this? 

Next, Noah is explaining to Rick about a gated community around Richmond area, that he and Beth had wanted to go to. This gives hope to Rick who tells the rest of the group about this and decides that they will go the next day. On the trip to Richmond Tyreese is explaining to Noah that it wasn't his fault Beth died and he shouldn't feel guilty. He tries to make Noah feel better by explaining about his past with his father. 

Closer to Richmond, Rick radios over to Carol in the other car who is with the other half of the group, telling them to stop and wait while they go to check it out. Rick gets within a couple of miles and pulls into the woods to walk the rest of the way to avoid being spotted. As they approach the gate, Glenn goes to check and indicates that no-one is left. Noah doesn't take this well and climbs over the gate and sees the devastation of dead bodies everywhere. At this point Noah collapses and can't help but cry. Rick thinks they should check the area for supplies but Michonne asks what will they actually do afterwards. The group seems to be getting less hopeful for their future. 

Tyreese is stood over Noah trying to cheer him up when Noah stands up and runs off down the street to which Tyreese gives chase. Eventually Noah stops when he gets to his house and wants to go in, which Tyreese tells him its not a good idea, but ends up agreeing as long as Noah lets him go in first. Noah's mothers body is found burnt out on the floor. Noah kneels next to it and covers her over with a blanket. Tyreese starts to hear something from another room and discovers the body of Noah's twin brother on the bed, and as Tyreese looks at the photos on the wall, Noah's other (walker) twin comes from behind and bites his arm, shortly before Noah comes in and stabs his brother in the head. 

Tyreese starts to loose a lot of blood and is dropping in and out of consciousness and starts hearing a radio broadcast and having visions of Martin, Bob, Lizzie, Mika and the Governor. In his visions they start speaking to him trying to blame Tyreese for the death of Beth. The Governor then lunges at him, which he soon realises is a walker. Tyreese results to defending himself with his already bitten arm to allow him to grab a rock, plunging it into the walkers head. The source of the blood on the frame seen as the start has now been identified as the walker twin. So what about the grave?

Outside, unknown of Tyreese's condition, Michonne is trying to convince Rick that they should stay in the community and repair the walls as they can built up the community once again. Rick decides against this idea and then notices numerous bodies separated at the waist scattered just outside the walls. They look confused as to how the body parts ended up like that, and then move on, to decide that getting to Washington is the best option.

They then hear a cry for help which they found Noah being attacked by Walkers. After rescuing him then sprint over to help Tyreese. With no time to waste, they cut Tyreese's arm off to try and save him, and then drag and carry him back to the truck. As Rick pulls away in the truck he crashes into the back of a lorry with more upper body parts falling onto the windscreen, yet these torsos are still 'alive'. This begs the question, what happened to them and how did they end up in the back of a lorry?

Further down the road, Tyreese once again hears the radio broadcast and he tells them to "turn it off". Turning back round to look inside the car, he sees Bob, Beth, Mika and Lizzie all smiling at him. Beth simply says, "it's okay Tyreese" with Mika telling him "it's better now". This indicates to what we feared was going to happen. Rick pulls over and they move Tyreese's body onto the road. They cover his body and Michonne makes sure he wont turn into a walker with her trusty sword. 

The episode ends with Gabriel reading the eulogy as Rick shovels dirt into Tyreese's grave, which confirms the scene at the start. Rick is realising that more and more is riding on finding a safe haven, and wonders what is to come.

That's it that this week, quite a lot of drama for the first episode back after the mid-season break. Will they make it to Washington? Who will survive? Can they take any more deaths? We will have to wait until next week for some answers!

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