Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 11

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Welcome back to this weeks roundup. At the end of last weeks episode we had Aaron, the new guy coming to the group promising a safe haven for the group at his camp. At the start of this weeks episode he is brought back to the barn to speak to Rick who takes his weapon from him. 

Aaron tells Rick he would like for them to come and "audition" to get into their camp and become part of the community. He then proceeds to tell him what the photos show that he has brought with him, and tries to justify why they should come. This arrogant approach from Aaron pushes Rick too far and before he knows it, Rick punches him to the floor, knocking him out. 

When Aaron eventually comes round, Rick questions him about how many are in his group, as it seems suspicious that he should be carrying a flare gun. Aaron tells him that he wouldn't be believed whatever he told them, casting further doubt on his 'safe' camp. 

Aaron keeps trying to convince Rick and the group to come to the camp, trying to get across people are the most important resource to survival. Michonne ends up speaking out in favour of going and Rick ends up agreeing to let half the group go to try and find the camp. The others stay around the barn, with Aaron tied up, having been told if the rest of the group aren't back in 1 hour, Rick will waste no time taking out his knife and killing him. 

Judith desperately needs feeding, and Rick forces Aaron to eat the food he donated to the group to prove he hasn't poisoned it. It turns out to be safe and Judith is able to eat some much needed food. 

Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Glenn and Lauren head to try and find any sign of people or the camp but only come across a few walkers which are soon dealt with, and a empty caravan. They soon return, luckily for Aaron. Rick ends up agreeing to drive to find the camp, but insists they should wait until night, to be sure they wont be spotted approaching. 

Glenn is driving towards camp, with Rick, Michonne and Aaron in the car and they soon find out that he has been listening to the them with some high tech equipment, why would he need to do this? Further suspicion is cast on Aaron's motive when Michonne is looking through photos of the camp, and asks why there are no photos with people in. Before they can interrogate him further, they end up ploughing through a huge crowd of walkers which have completely taken over the road. 

Further down the road the car comes to a stop, and can't be restarted because of all the walkers body parts stuck into the engine. A red flare is seen going up into the sky, and Aaron bolts out of the car. Rick, Glenn and Michonne have to fight off loads of walkers, but manage to escape and find Aaron again.

Luckily for the others in the caravan, they had escaped before they ran into the group of walkers. They have made it to a safe building which Rick and the others regroup with them at, after following the flare. Aaron runs in to check on his boyfriend who has broken his ankle. They all end up resting for the night and set off for camp in the morning. 

Half way into the journey the caravan battery ends up packing in, but Glenn luckily manages to find a spare in one of the compartments. Caravan experience from previous seasons maybe?

The caravan is soon up and running again, but Rick takes 5 minutes to go and hide a handgun in a pile of rubbish a little away from the road. I wonder what he has done this for, maybe the doubt about the safety of this camp is still very high. Back on the road the group end up arriving at the camp and pull up outside the gates. They all get out and start waking towards the gate when the episode ends.

Overall this episode has displayed the split between the group, with some clearly thinking the camp is a good idea, and others such as Rick having a much more reserved approach. It did seem quite slow progress this week with the whole episode being focused on the trip to the camp. 

What will they find inside? Will they be safe? Or will Ricks cautious approach prove to have been the right one? We'll have to wait until next week to find out!

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