Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 10

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Welcome back to this weeks Walking Dead Wednesday. Last week we had a dramatic start to this part of season 5 with the death of Tyreese and more drama. 

This weeks episode starts off much slower with the slumped in the woods crying to herself while the others are stopped on the road. A walker can be seen coming up behind her and there is a moment where you wonder whether she is going to react or just let it get to her. Luckily the walker gets stuck in the tree and Maggie takes out her knife to kill the walker. This doesn't help her emotions as she slumps back down, still crying, obviously distraught at her sisters death.

Slightly after Maggie regroups with Daryl and Sasha who have been searched for water but neither have managed to find anything. They return to the rest of the group, who are desperate for food and water. After carrying on in the vehicles they finally run out of fuel, so they proceed to carry on foot. Daryl is concerned for Judith's health with the lack of food and goes to try and find food, closely followed by Carol. 

Carl had found a jewellery box while looking for supplies and passing this to Maggie, which seems a small gesture to cheer her up. This is soon reversed when Gabriel tries to talk to her about Beth and her dad, yet Maggie angrily reacts saying that Gabriel left his church people to die. Further behind Sasha wants to take out the slow group of walkers following the survivors, but Michonne discourages her, telling her they need to conserve their energy. This doesn't go down well wish Sasha as she storms off.

While Carol and Daryl are food hunting, she passes Daryl a knife Beth used to own and encourages him to grief and let his emotions out. Daryl is clearly struggling with Beth's death, but is trying to maintain composure. 

Rick and the rest of the group have spotted a group of walkers approaching and decide to prepare themselves next to a steep bank, throwing the walkers down to the bottom to deal with them this way. Unfortunately Sasha ignores this plan and plunges her knife into an oncoming walker, prompting a quick change of plans. The group have to take down the rest of the walkers and manage to escape unharmed, but Michonne still directs her anger towards Sasha's impatience. 

Further down the road, a group of cars are found which they start to look round. Daryl, however, disappears on his own into the woods. 

Maggie is looking for supplies in the car and having found nothing in the car, she goes to open the boot to check. Here she finds a walkers of what appears to be an old lady that was gagged and tied up, and can't bring herself to kill her so slams the boot shut. After hearing the walker banging on the inside, she decides she has to kill it, yet can't get back in the boot and is just about to shoot her way through. Glenn steps in just in time and deals with the walker and takes Maggie away. 

Thinking they will be safe by the side of the road, some wild dogs approach from the woods, with the group sat helpless. Sasha quickly pulls out her rifle and takes all the dogs out just before they are about to attack the group. The scene then moves onto the group cooking and eating dog meat with barely an expression to show. Noah admits to Sasha he doesn't know if he can survive, which she replies "then you won't". Maybe not the reply Noah was looking for. Seemingly admitting defeat with his religion, Gabriel tosses his collar into the fire. 

Abraham found some liqueur in one of the cars and offers Sasha some, which she refuses. Meanwhile Daryl finds a spot near a barn and sits against a tree and ends up putting out his cigarette on his hand, then loses control of his emotions and bursts into tears. 

Water bottles are found in the middle of the road, with a note "from a friend". The group are suspicious and think its a trap, yet Eugene goes to drink from one but is stopped by Abraham slapping it away from him. Next, a huge storm is heard approaching and torrential rain soon takes over. At first they think this is a gift, yet soon realise shelter is needed. By this time Daryl is back, and takes them to the barn he spotted. 

When the group have cleared the barn, they are sat around the fire with Rick telling a story about his grandfather. He tells the group "this is how we survive", and says that they should tell themselves they are the walking dead. Daryl doesn't agree with this. 

During the night Daryl is keeping watch, and all seems okay until he goes to secure the door back up and a huge group of walkers are seen approaching. He tries to stop them getting through the doors and is nearly defeated, yet for the help of the rest of the group who started to wake and realise the situation. The scene finishes with the group battling with the walkers on the other side of the door. 

The next scene is Maggie waking up in the morning with the group all asleep, except Daryl who is sat up again a wall. She goes over to him and takes over watch. She wakes up Sasha and they exit the barn and find the walkers stuck between all the trees that were brought down in the storm. They move into a nearby field and watch the sun rise, soon to be interrupted by a stranger, suspiciously clean and healthy, who asks to speak to Rick, saying "he has good news". 

The episode ends, with this possible saviour coming to their rescue...or is it? 

That's it for this week, it started off a bit slower but tension is rising within the group, and the addition of an unknown survivor starts triggering a lot of questions. What will next week bring?


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