How to Make Different Pancakes

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Seen as Pancake Day is coming up I thought I would give a few ideas of what to do with your pancakes this year. These were made earlier today and I have done the normal style thin pancakes and the fluffy american ones which are a bit thicker and smaller. I used the BBC Good Food Recipes for the general method which I've linked at the bottom.

Standard Pancakes

This is the standard thin pancake that you could make which should take less time to cook, and are often best to put your topping on and then roll it up as you can see in the photo above. 

Here's the ingredients for both types of pancakes and I have listed the specific ingredients below.

100g plain flour
2 eggs
300ml semi-skimmed milk
1 tbsp sunflower oil or vegetable, plus extra for frying
Pinch salt

1. Blend the flour with a pinch of salt in a large mixing bowl and when mixed make a small dip in the centre. Next crack the eggs into the dip and add in 1 tbsp of oil and 50ml of milk. Mix all together with a whisk so you get a smooth, thick paste, you might need a bit more milk if it wont mix properly.

2. Whisk in a splash of milk so the batter loosens up, and then add in the remaining milk while still whisking. You should end up with a batter consistency that is slightly thicker than thick single cream. 

3.  Set the pan to heat on a moderate level and a bit of oil. Add some of the batter into the pan to thinly cover the whole base. Leave to cook for around 30 seconds and you should have a golden colour underneath. 

4. Now time to flip the pancake. Get a fish slice and gently slide under the pancake and turn over and then cook for another 30 seconds on the other side, or you if you want to be brave, try and flip it using the pan! 

American Pancakes

135g/4¾oz plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
2 tbsp caster sugar
130ml/4½fl oz milk
1 large egg, lightly beaten

2 tbsp melted butter (allowed to cool slightly) or olive oil, plus extra for cooking

1. Get your flour, baking powder, salt and caster sugar and sift into a large bowl. Get another bowl whisk the egg and milk into your melted butter. 

2. Take your milk mixture and add into your flour mixture and get either a fork or whisk and mix together to get a smooth batter. Let this stand for a few minutes.

3. Get a non-stick frying pan and heat to a medium heat, adding a teaspoon of butter. Once melted add in a small amount of the batter to fill, it should be reasonably thick in the pan. When the pancake starts to bubble at the top, turn it over and cook so that both sides are golden brown. Make sure the pancake has risen for around 1cm.

Topping Time
These are the toppings that I had on my pancakes (not all at once, don't worry). Depending how you are feeling you can mix up between any of the toppings below. I have also included some chocolaty toppings that I have had in the past and are very nice indeed! 

BBC Good Food
Standard Pancakes
Fluffy American Pancakes

I hope you manage to get some amazing pancakes and come up with some great toppings, let me know what you end up having!

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