Netflix TV Series You Need to Watch

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Many of you will have Netflix and have probably all experienced the time when you load it up to then scroll through all the different programmes trying to decide for ages what to watch. There are so many great TV series on Netflix that you should get into, and will mean you always have something to watch rather than wasting time scrolling through aimlessly. 

Me and Laura has collaborated on different TV shows that we we recommend and have either watched already, currently watching or are about to watch. There is quite a variety so hopefully there will be something for everyone's taste. 

2 seasons 
An British TV series on a flu epidemic that spreads quickly, wiping the world's population out overnight, except for the few immune survivors. They have to experience the world without luxuries, and gives you a real insight into what would actually happen. No zombies for the faint hearted!

Breaking Bad
5 seasons
A chemistry teacher with a terminal illness seeks to find a greater purpose in life. He teaches a former student to develop their own crystal meth to support his family for their future. I'm the one who knocks.

2 seasons
A intelligent college dropout manages to use his wit to bag an associate job in a law firm, despite having no legal education. [Laura]: Men in suits talking law, Harvey is quite attractive.

The Killing
4 seasons
A young girl called Rosie goes missing in Seattle and detectives and the school seek out to discover what happened, whilst there is a conflicted detective working on the case.

8 seasons
A blood-splatter analyst by day, serial killer by night. Dexter Morgan targets only the bad people of society in Miami. This gets really addictive to watch, as does the theme tune.

American Horror Story
3 seasons
A murder house, an asylum, a coven and a freak shown. A twisted drama shows the supernatural and everyday going on's. Some characters feature in multiple seasons just to mix it up too!

The Tudors
4 seasons
Henry VIII and his six wives; what happens when Henry gets bored of his lovers, his wish to product sons and his reign over England. Surprisingly featuring Joss Stone...

Brooklyn Nine Nine
1 season
A comedy TV series based on a Brooklyn police station and the detectives within it. An easy, short watch.

3 seasons
A murderer copies the famous Jack the Ripper in a contemporary society, and a detective team along with a tour guide try to solve the case and find the killer.

3 seasons
A British based legal series, more serious than 'Suits'. A chamber of barristers and clerks have challenges both in court and out. Who will attain the rank of QC (Queen's Counsel)? Although Laura is a law student and understands everything going on, for me it is interesting to watch.

3 seasons
After being held as a prisoner of war, a marine finally returns back home, yet a CIA agent suspects he may have been turned by Al Qaeda into a terrorist and is planning an attack on the USA. This is a gripping, tense series that we have you on the edge of your seat. 

Prison Break
4 seasons
An innocent man is jailed for murder, and his brother has to break him out of jail. What relationships begin? Also stars Holly Valance... [Laura] and the gorgeous Wentworth Miller.

House of Cards
2 seasons, 3rd coming out 27th Feb
A political drama based around a Congressman Frank Underwood who is determined to achieve Presidency in Washington D.C. This clever series leads through the ins and outs of his mission to reach his goal, with many twists and turns along the way. 

Pretty Little Liars
5 seasons
4 high school girls discover their ringleader is dead, and everyone blames them. Without proof, they stick together and a blackmailer (A) tries to reveal their secrets. Nowhere near as 'childish' as it may seem, and is incredibly addictive to watch. Who is A?

Sons of Anarchy
6 seasons
A motorcycle club called the Sons of Anarchy with a love for guns have to battle racists, bikers and the legal system after taking control of their town.

2 seasons
A nuclear blast cuts off the outside world, as Jake tries to collect an inheritance. He is a leader afterwards, and this follows his journey. A little similar to 'Survivors', © . Theme by STS.