Hama Camera Tripod - Star 42 Review

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I thought I would do this review of my tripod now I'v had it a few months and have had chance to test it out properly. It has so many great features that many expensive tripods will have, and you get all of this for only £12! I bought mine from Tesco Direct so if you decide you want one click here.

I bought this tripod to use with my Fuji S100FS bridge camera to allow for taking better photos. This camera is quite heavy but the tripod supports it with no problem so unless you have a weighty DSLR or similar this should be able to support it. The tripod only weighs 1.15 kg so it very light and easy to carry around. The tripod also has different heights which allows for the tripod to be used for multiple photo opportunities. It also features a handy quick release head that screws into the base of your camera which makes it a lot easier when switching between having the camera on and off the tripod. 

Different Tripod Heights
The tripod has 3 different height settings that are changed via the quick release leg clips which makes it very easy to use. This gives a great range of heights to take pictures from while keeping your camera sturdy in place. It also has a centre column that can be extended to give even more height, up to a maximum height of 151 cm which should be more than adequate for most situations. The centre column is generally only used if you really need to get the extra height, as it adds a slight bit of instability especially when this column is fully extended. 

The legs also have rubber feet on the bottom which makes sure it wont slide around when you are trying to take your photos. 

This picture shows the tripod at its lowest setting with the quick release clips to extend up the legs. 

Tripod Controls
The controls for the tripod are 3-way with the longer handle being used for up and down movement. Their is another handle which does left to right movement and then a third which can move the camera between horizontal and vertical orientation. All of these can be locked into place once the desired position has been found to allow for the perfect shot. 

This is the tripod in its fully folded down position with the head tilted down to minimize space taken up. This is great for when its not being use as it can store away with little room needed. It also makes it great for taking around with you when you need your tripod while you are out for the day. 

Whether you are just starting out with photography or have been doing it for a while this is a great tripod which is great value for money at only £12! Compared to other tripods at much higher prices, this can match up with all of the features while being small and light. I would highly recommend this and if you are thinking about getting a tripod to get those better shots, I would look no where else!

I hope this review helped for deciding on getting a tripod, if you have any questions comment down below and I will try to help. 

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