Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 4

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

This episode takes a twist in the story with the re-introduction of Beth into the plot. The episode starts with Beth waking up in a memorial hospital after a long time being there. It turns out she was rescued by some police officers shortly before being bitten by a walker. Since then Beth has been receiving treatment at the hospital and now that she is awake she is ordered by the female head police officer (Dawn) to carry out jobs to pay back for the treatment she has received. 

Beth soon becomes mutual with Dr. Edwards who is the only Doctor on the ward and explains how things work in the hospital which he demonstrates when he switches a lifeless patient off life support machine and then proceeds to tip his body down into the elevator shaft. The male police officer that helped rescue Beth tries to make a move on Beth but she stands her ground.

A patient is brought in that had fallen from a 1st floor building which the Dr. Edwards believes is a waste of resources to try and save. One of Dawns colleagues mutters something in her area to which she orders the Doctor to save the patient but he is only able to stabilize him. Another new patient is brought in with a bite of their arm which needs amputating immediately. Beth goes to get new clothes after hers got covered in blood from helping with the amputation. She meets Noah who also works on the ward and lets Beth know he is trying to escape. 

Dr. Edwards asks Beth to give a patient a top up of medication of the patient the Dawn insisted on saving, but he tells her the wrong medication. This causes the patient to have seizures and then he dies, for which Noah takes the blame saying he must have knocked the power cable for the support machine, for which he receives a beating. 

Beth goes into Dawn office to steal the elevator key so that Noah and her can escape. Beth finds the key but also finds the amputee patient dead on the office floor. Dawns male colleague confronts Beth about stealing the key and offers to 'work something out' so he doesn't report Beth. She bluffs him into thinking she will do it but then smashes a glass over his head which leaves him at the mercy of the, now turned patient, not without taking his pistol. Beth goes up the corridor and tells Dawn her colleague is in her office looking for her. 

Noah and Beth take this chance and manage to escape down the elevator shaft and get to the basement. Beth shoots her way out of the basement and takes out some more in the car park. Dawns officers manage to catch Beth in the car park and cuff her, yet Noah manages to escape which Beth is happy about. 

When back in the ward Beth has a heated argument with Dawn and then goes on to confront Dr. Edwards about deliberately getting her to administer the wrong medication. He admits this saying its only to protect his own back as the only Doctor there. The episode ends with Beth walking down the corridor hiding scissors out of view and then notices a new patient being brought in...its Carol!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks round up, I will see you for next Wednesday for the next episode!


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