Realities of Living With a Fashion & Beauty Blogger

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

I thought it might be a fun post to give a Boyfriends point of view to what its like living with Laura and what its like for me with all the clothes, shoes and makeup!

One of the things I have noticed is the amount of times I have answered the door to take parcels of what is often makeup or beauty products she has been sent to review. Every time, I think I might have a surprise parcel which turns out to be another one of Laura's deliveries. Another thing related to this is the amount of times I have been dragged down to the Collection Office to pick up numerous parcels that were tried to be delivered when were out. I'm sure they recognize the two of us whenever we go now because of the amount of times we have been in there! 

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! The sheer amount of shoes has seems crazy to me at a total of 63, I mean how many pairs of shoes does a girl really need? She has two boxes full of shoes beneath her bed plus shoes on the shoe rack. And she takes over most of the shoe rack which leaves me with a few shelves to squeeze mine on. The bad thing is she doesn't even have all of the 63 pairs in our flat so I don't know how we will fit the rest of them in. The funny thing is while I have been writing this post, she has just sent me a link to a new pair of heels she likes the look of. If shoe addiction was possible, i'm pretty sure Laura would have it!

Of course Laura believes that if she has that many shoes, that you need a large number of clothes to make outfits that will suit the shoes. Laura has her own cupboard in her room plus 3 small drawers, as well as 2 drawers in my room and a whole rail of other clothes. Oh and the two drawers in my room are pretty much full of pajamas. I mean I have like 2 or 3 sets of PJ's, what is it with girls needing so many more pairs! As a boyfriend, you would think that there is always going to be a choice of outfits to wear each day...this is not true. Rather a few times when she has asked to "just pick her something out to wear" and the first 5 choices I make aren't quite right, I guess my fashion sense isn't up to the right standard.

Finally onto makeup. Last year Laura's makeup took its place on top of my clothes drawers all stood up on its own. This soon became a pain as whenever you tried to pick something up about 10 other things would fall over in a domino effect. Thankfully this year she has purchased some of the acrylic makeup storage which is something even I can say is worth the money! Also, I can't seem to get my head round the amount of makeup brushes needed, like they all look the same to me?! Laura also has a stack of makeup palettes on her table, although to be fair she has been sent most of these through blogging. I just don't know when this pile of makeup supplies will not get any higher. It is just me being male that I don't understand this or do girls really need this many different makeup things? Let me know your thoughts.

Before Laura got her Olympus Pen, I offered to help take some of Laura's photos that she needs for her blog, especially outfit posts which she needs a hand with. I do enjoy doing these photos due to my interest in photography, so doing it to help Laura out is actually quite fun for me.

Even though she has so many clothes, a ridiculous amount of shoes and stacks of makeup and accessories, I do love her to bits and wouldn't change her for the world!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought it would be good to give a different perspective into the life of a fashion and beauty blogger. 

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