Casio G-SHOCK Mudman Watch Review

Monday, 17 November 2014

Thought I would do a review of my Casio G-SHOCK Mudman watch seen as I have had it for a year now and its had some use. I absolutely love this watch and can wear it for literally anything from mountain biking to swimming to an everyday watch. It has got loads of different features which can come in useful, some more often than others.

The features of this watch:
1. Time, date and day display
2. Digital seconds display
3. Moon data
4. Stopwatch
5. Countdown Timer
6. Alarms
7. Compass and Thermometer 
8. World Time
9. Back-lit Display
10. Solar Powered
11. Waterproof to 20BAR (200 Metres)

The Design
The face of this watch is very chunky and rugged so bear this in mind if you are looking at buying one. Personally I like it being like this because this is what G-SHOCK's are all about and it can take knocks and scrapes over and over again. The material is a solid design and doesn't mark easily so you don't have to worry about when you are wearing it. The control button's on the watch are large and easy to press even with gloves on which is great. One of the great features is that it's solar powered so will never run out of battery! (as long as you keep it in the light sometimes) There is a battery level indicator in the center of the dial for either high, medium or low, although it has always remained on high since I have had it so it keeps it charge well.

Main Display
This is the main display of the watch with the time being interchangeable between 12hr and 24hr. The date can also be changed to display an alternative world time for a different city. It also has a digital second counter which is in the compass direction dial when this compass feature is not being used. Also on the main display is a moon data function that indicates the current moon phase to help show whether the night will be lighter or darker from moonlight. There is also a back-light that can be activated via the 'Light' button shown in the below picture.

Compass Feature and Thermometer
This feature is very easily activated with the 'Comp' button on the side of the watch. This displays a degree reading to indicate direction as well as a the compass dial indicating direction which the watch is facing. This can be a very useful feature especially if you use it for walking etc. as it will allow you to find your way back if you get lost or just to use to navigate your way around. Where the day is normally displayed now gives a compass direction such as NE (North East). As well as the compass data being displayed the temperature is also displayed where the date normally is. One thing to be mindful of is if you want a more accurate temperature reading take the watch off your wrist for a little bit before hand so that the heat from your wrist doesn't affect the reading.

Other Features
The stopwatch function is another mode that allows for the stopwatch to count up to 1000 hours (not that many people need to time this long). You can also leave this running while returning to the main display, although the time is displayed where the date normally is on the home screen so that you can stay on the stopwatch function while being able to view the current time. A countdown timer is another feature that allows you to set the hours and minutes that you want to countdown from, and the watch emits a high pitch beep when the timer is done. The alarms feature allows for up to 4 normal alarms to be set, as well as a snooze alarm and a signal alarm. The signal alarm allows for a countdown in seconds that once it reaches zero it beeps and then resets to the countdown time and starts counting down again. This could come in useful for repeating actions needed to be done a repeating intervals. The last is the world time feature which allows for you to view the current time across all the different cities. You can also set another cities time as your secondary time if you need to quickly view it.

Control Buttons and Strap
The buttons on the side of the watch as I have previously mentioned are large and easy to press. They have a durable rubbery cover and a hard plastic casing around the edges. The 5 buttons on the watch are Adjust, Mode, Light, Comp and Search. The strap is also a solid construction and is chunky and durable, and as it shows on the strap it is mud resistant. I can safely say it stands up to getting dirty and cleans up very easily. The watch is also completely waterproof to 20BAR (200 metres) which I have tested through using it in a swimming pool and in the sea many times and it stood up to it completely fine. The buckle is a solid metal buckle with a rubber loop to hold the excess strap which holds the watch strongly on your wrist which is exactly what you want for a watch like this.

To some up this watch is an all round solid and well built watch that you can be worn for pretty much anything. I wear mine as an everyday watch as well as for activities such as mountain biking and swimming. I love wearing this watch and the chunky and robust appearance it has, as well as it being a renowned name for great watches. I would highly recommend this watch for its durability and may features it comes with and I think its worth every penny because it will last for years.

I hope you liked this review of my Casio G-SHOCK Mudman.

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