Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 3

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I must say this episode is a lot more tense than the previous two. The episode starts with Gareth and the other cannibals who used to run Terminus eating yet more of Bob's cooking leg, and they are holed up next to the safety of an elementary school. Bob soon lets on that he has actually been bitten by a 'walker' which panics the cannibals. 

Rick and the group become even more suspicious of the priest and force him to reveal his dark secret he has been trying to keep from them. It turns out the priest turned his back on his church community when they tried to come to the church for refuge. Bob is also returned to the group after he is dumped outside the church, and they soon learn of his infected status. I think we saw this coming as it was a matter of time before one of the group was bitten. 

The mood gets even more tense when Abraham makes the call to get back on the road to Washington yet Rick disagrees and says they are waiting for Carol and Daryl. A fight almost breaks out between the two until Glen breaks it up and helps them reach a compromise of leaving for Washington the next day. 

Rick and the group disappear off into the woods heading for the elementary school to retaliate against the Gareth and others, who are in fact on their way to the church. Both groups miss each other and the Terminus lot break into the church and corner the remainder of Ricks group in the back of the church. Unknown to the audience it was all planned as Rick and the others come back and surround Gareth and his group inside the church. They try and negotiate their release but Rick has none of it and takes a blade to slice up Gareth, and Ricks  fellow group proceed to bludgeon the other cannibals to death. 

The next day Abraham leaves in the repaired school bus for Washington with his group as well as Maggie, Glen and Tara who agreed to go along. Rick is left their route on a map with a note asking him to come to Washington when Daryl and Carol arrive back.

The episode ends with Michonne sitting outside the church at night and hears a sound in the woods nearby. As she goes to check it out Daryl appears from beneath the tree cover. There is a tense pause after Michonne asks where Carol is. Daryl then turns and says "Come on out" and the episode ends!

There has been clues towards Beth still being alive, and with the episode finishing without knowing who is with Daryl, it sparks confusion about who has come back with him. We will have to wait until next week to find out! See you then!

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