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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hi Guys, thought I would do a Paris post from when I went with my girlfriend in September. It's a little tour of the places we visited and where I think are the best places to go, I hope you enjoy it!

Notre Dame & The Love Lock Bridge (Pont des Arts)

One of the places we visited was Notre Dame and the Lock Lock Bridge. Notre Dame is a great place to go and see and is very picturesque. It's really nice to sit outside and its spectacular inside, although I didn't get any pics from the inside! Next to Notre Dame is the Love Lock Bridge which is a really romantic place to visit, if you like that kind of thing! It's still a great place for anyone to visit just to go and look at the sheer amount of locks attached to this bridge. People have long been having to attach locks to other locks, as me and Laura found it was impossible to find anywhere on the actual railings to lock it to. 

The Louvre 

 Another place we visited was the Louvre, which is really nice to sit outside the museum on a sunny day as well as walking up through the Tuileries Gardens and up to the Champs-Elysees. One tip if you are under 25 is that it is completely free to get into the museum. Once inside you do not have to queue up for a ticket as you can simply use your passport of ID to prove you are under 25 and this acts as your ticket. We did not find this out until we had queued up for tickets! It wasn't too expensive for adult tickets and is still well worth visiting. 

The Eiffel Tower

Obviously this is the iconic place to visit when you go to Paris. These are just a few shots of the Eiffel Tower from different places around Paris as well as from the top, as you can see it from many areas of the city. Lift tickets to get to the top were surprisingly cheap under 20 euros. We did go early to queue up and were only waiting for around 20 minutes to get in. Try and go on a sunny clear day as the views are spectacular and its a great way to see all the different areas of Paris. It also well worth waiting to see it lit up at night so try and stick around for that!

The Arc de Triomphe 

This is another great place to visit to get some great views of Paris. These are just a few pictures taken from the top and sorry about the slightly blurry photo 
of the Arc de Triomphe as it was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower! This is also free to visit if you are a student so make sure to take ID to prove your age! As you can probably tell from some of the photos we went up in the evening and managed to see an amazing sun set over Paris. 


 Just a quick mention about the macaron shop and restaurant that sell the most amazing sweet treats. These are just a few little macaron's that we picked up and would definately go back if we went again. If you are heading up the Champs-Elysees its on the left hand side near the Arc de Triomphe so you have no excuse for not passing it! If you can't afford the real thing McDonald's do them across the road for just over 1 euro.

Sacre Coeur

 This is a really nice place to visit to go and see the Church and it is well worth going inside to have a look at the design. You can also watch a service if they are on as well as lighting a candle for loved ones as we did. The view from outside I've uploaded shows the great view across Paris. There are also a lot of nice places to eat and we found a great little place near the square round the corner that did a 3 course meal for 19 euros and has the most amazing french soup! Check it out on tripadvisor here. Sorry about the slightly blurry photo of Sacre Coeur, I took it from the top of the Arc de Triomphe which is pretty far away!

Disneyland Paris

 Last but not least is the one place that you can never be too old or grown up to visit. We got a train out from Paris and there are many stations you can travel from within Paris for not too much. If you are planning a day trip here which I would definitely recommend, make sure you get there nice and early so you are ready to go in as soon as it opens. Also staying for the fireworks display in the evening just before the park shuts is a must, it was such a great display and went on for nearly half an hour. Make sure you find a seat with a good view of the castle in good time!

That's it for my Paris post, I hope its given you a few ideas of where to visit and that you liked the pictures!

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