Halloween Makeup - Zombie

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hi Guys,

Thought I would do a post about Halloween makeup styles seen as we are less than a week away! My girlfriend wanted to try out some makeup styles for Halloween so I kindly agreed to be turned into a zombie. We are both big fans of The Walking Dead as you might have noticed from a couple of my other posts, so it seemed only right to try and recreate this 'Walker' style for Halloween. I hope you enjoy looking through my traumatic experience of being turned dead!

Stage 1

The first stage of the makeup was to use eyelash glue to stick on some tissue in different areas of my face. As you can see it doesn't look to scary right now but trust me it will build up soon enough. I must say this did feel a bit weird like my face was becoming a paper mache model. 

Stage 2

The next stage involved evening out my skin tone with foundation and powder. This also helped to turn the tissue into a more skin like colour so it looked more realistic. Still I admit it doesn't look that scary yet!

Stage 3

This stage involved blackening out of the eyes to make my eyes look more hollow. Grey powder was added to my face to give a more gaunt look to my face. This is where I start to look a bit more dead!

Stage 4

The final stage was adding more tissue around my mouth to make it look like my flesh was coming apart and like I had eaten a human like on The Walking Dead. A mixture of bright pink, bright red and deep purple lipsticks were used around the wounds and black eye shadow was used inside the wounds. She then added fake blood. The worst part about this stage was how itchy the blood was when it was dripping down my face!

Hope you enjoyed this Halloween look, we will have another Halloween post up soon!

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