More About Me

I'm Andy, a lifestyle, photography and technology blogger based in Liverpool. I lived up in Newcastle for three years while at uni. I graduated from Northumbria University in 2015 with a Geography BSc (Hons) degree. I started blogging back in October 2014 and have really enjoyed it since. I'm really happy with how my blog is going and look forward to carrying it forward.

The main cameras I use are the Panasonic LUMIX G6 and Fuji S100FS which I love as they have loads of different settings including full manual controls which gives me more freedom when taking photos. I also own a GoPro Hero and GoPro Hero 4 Silver which allows me to capture pictures and video where other cameras are not able to. It's so compact and versatile, combined with the fact that you can mount it to pretty much anything, making it a perfect travel camera to take everywhere with me.

I love to travel and I'm keen to explore new places. My first long-haul trip was to Los Angeles with Laura which was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see where my Wanderlust takes me next.

My Blog

I'm always keen to work with brands and bloggers, so if you want to find out more information, head over to see my blog statistics and info or have a look through my post directory to see my previous work. If you want to talk about anything drop me an email at