I've had my GoPro Hero 4 Silver for over a year now and have been building up the attachments and mounts I've got for it. I'd been considering getting this mount for a while so when I saw it on sale I thought I'd dive in and test it out. The Frame is the smallest and lightest method of mounting the GoPro and I personally think it gives it a much sleeker look. It retails for £39.99 on the GoPro website but you can pick it up a bit cheaper on other sites. You get a glass lens cover included with the mount which pushes over the lens to protect it from scratches and prevents dirt from damaging it. It's got a rubber/plastic cover on this so it sits flush over the lens and won't come off by accident. 

One of the main reasons I decided to go for this mount was for the audio benefits that come with it. I was a little dubious as to how much better the audio quality would be but I wasn't disappointed. After watching my test footage back I could tell the sound was clearer and louder so knew this was going to be worth the money. The Mount allows you to access all of the ports, so if you need to have the micro-HDMI or the micro-USB cable connected while filming then this case will come in extremely useful. You can also access the micro-SD card without taking it out the case which saves a bit of time when needing to transfer your footage. 

One of the other features of The Frame mount is the small metal support arm that can be pulled out so you can still use the mount even when an LCD or Battery BacPac is attached to your GoPro. When you compare it to the standard waterproof housing you can see a small difference in size and the reduction in how bulky it is. The Frame is only for use in dry and clean environments so if you re worried that your filming conditions will be different it will be worth changing to the normal housing to make sure it's not damaged. Overall, I definitely think this mount is worth investing if you want to get the best sound output from your GoPro and want a more practical case that is less obtrusive for when the conditions will allow it.