25 Gifts Between £10 & £30 For Men

Disclaimer: these gift guides are 'for men' as they've been found in these sections online but I am in no way saying you have to be 'a man' to own anything featured. I don't believe gifts should necessarily be in sections divided by gender but since this is how it's done online I thought I'd feature my top gifts in this price category from them. I hope you enjoy!

This pack has 250 game cards that are based on the 'would you rather' style game. It can be played by a number of people to allow for a fun and entertaining evening. 

Do you ever find yourself looking for a utensil around the kitchen? This multi-tool has 12 high-quality culinary tools all in one handy place.

This glass decanter would be ideal to bring out at a dinner party, particularly for those who like both alcohol and Star Wars.

If you wanted to take your phone photography to the next level then this telescope might help you get there. It'll give your camera a 10x zoom and comes with a handy clip and supporting stand. 

For anyone who wants to try something new with their cooking, this book contains 75 different recipes all using beer. 

This battery powered light that has the official Mario coin sound is a great gift for anyone who is into their arcade games. 

A two pack of soft-touch fabric tags with a clear ID card window would be great for a keen traveller to make sure their luggage stays safe.  

I've got one of these myself and it's a great way to record all the different places that you have travelled to. It's great to put up on the wall to remind yourself of your travels.

These can be given to anyone who loves taking their hot drinks out with them and this Batman-themed travel mug is interesting without being over the top. 

For anyone who is prone to losing their items, this slim tile can be attached to multiple items and tracked up to 200 feet away from your smartphone. It's even waterproof to 1.5m for up to 60 minutes. 

This scarf has an all over check print, a soft woven finish and is even machine washable. It will be an ideal gift at this time of year now the temperature has dropped.  

Do you know anyone who loves their sushi? This bazooka will help them to create perfectly-formed sushi rolls in no time. 

Personalised gifts are always great, and what could be better than a gift with someone's face on it? You can add any picture to it and give someone a present they can't forget. 

Many of us will remember playing this classic game and this mini handheld version will let you relive those memories.

Know anyone that really loves coffee and candles? Here's an option that would be a nice stocking filler.

This is something a little different, it's made from hand blown glass and can hold up to 700ml of liquid. The globe can even spin on its axis and has an airtight seal to keep the contents fresh.

Record players are now coming back into fashion, so being able to purchase tracks on vinyl is a great way to either start or expand your own collection with one from a famous band. 

This would be a great little gift for someone to pop on their keys. All you have to do is upload a photo and description of the person to get them their very own mini-figurine. 

Whoever receives this battery powered light will be able to write their own messages on the front to customise it. It could be a great little decorative item to use in a living room or bedroom. 

This book contains 50 recipes that cover the fundamental Korean meals, with a mix of ancient dishes and modern ones. It would be great for someone who wants to expand their culinary skills. 

Most people will have a need for a blanket at some point, particularly with the winter weather being well and truly here. These interesting designs add a bit of fun to these winter warmers.

This watch is a nice combination of a simple face with a striped canvas strap. It's quite an interchangeable watch that would suit anyone or any outfit. 

This is a board game with a twist where you use drinking cups as games pieces. It comes with two vinyl boards with multiple games, dice and 32 cups printed with playing pieces. 

Here's a great gift that could bring back memories of a particular song. You can choose any song and add messages to the A3 print while also getting to choose which colour you'd like it in.

Gadgets like this can be given to people of any age. It has a 30-foot flying range, a four-function controller and a handy storage box.

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25 Stocking Fillers Under £10 For Men

Disclaimer: these gift guides are 'for men' as they've been found in these sections online but I am in no way saying you have to be 'a man' to own anything featured. I don't believe gifts should necessarily be in sections divided by gender but since this is how it's done online I thought I'd feature my top gifts in this price category from them. I hope you enjoy!

There's nothing worse than having stylish shoes that don't smell nice and fresh. Just pop these pills inside and they will keep your shoes smelling fresh and new.

Christmas is the perfect time for having a family quiz so this movie trivia quiz will be ideal to use around the festive season.

If you know someone who loves beer but wanted to get them something a little different, this 'greenest beer in the world' is super refreshing and rather un-hoppy.

For anyone who loves peanut butter, this jar from the well-known brand would be a perfect stocking filler. It comes in a 510g that will be great to use on toast, biscuits or even to have a spoon full.

We've all probably seen a hard-hat with space for drinks, but if you want to keep in with the festive theme at this time of year then this Santa drinking hat will have you sorted.

If you know someone who is mad about football and are looking for a stocking filler, then this infographic book of interesting footy facts will be right up their street.

A family themed game of jokes and dares that should keep you entertained for hours, with plenty of dipsticks to pick from.

This isn't just any normal mug as the images will change as you add your hot drink and will be a great gift for any Star Wars fan.

Even with the use of technology, there are still many people who like to read a good old comic so this Marvel calendar would be a great addition to their collection.

Choosing a diary for the year ahead can range depending on peoples taste, but if you want to get one that isn't just a plain black one, this multi-colour pixellated one can add a bit of colour to your desk.

Beer pong is a fun game to play any time of the year and can make that bit more exciting by trying out this beer pong bong for some added entertainment at a party.

Here's a bit of a weird and wonderful gift for anyone who is mad about nuggets. This fun and cheeky quiz book will help them determine if their nugget obsession is getting out of hand.

This book would be great for anyone that is into photography, whether they are just starting out or looking for ways to improve their game, this handy book will be super useful.

Having a gift that you can add your own personal touch to will make it unique and that extra bit special. This tumbler can be personalised with any message you like so can be perfect for any occasion.

If you want to make those shots a little bit more exciting, then why not try out these test tube-shaped shot glasses. It even comes with a plastic tube rack to keep them in.

If you always end up looking around for a bottle opener and also get fed up of the bottle tops lying around, this product might be the ideal combination for you. It will not only take off your caps but will also collect them for you.

Mugs can be a great stocking filler for anyone and this one would perfectly sum up many peoples thought when they arrive at work on a Monday morning.

Keyrings are a great little gift as nearly everyone will have a set of keys that can attach one to. If someone you know is into Super Mario games then you have a great little option here.

For any music lovers out there, this quiz game based on modern music will be a nice little gift to top up their present pot.

You can't go wrong with a cake mix as who doesn't love a bit of cake. It's also something a little different to just getting a box of chocolates and even comes with a step by step guide so you don't have to be a top baker to get it sorted.

When you've got a number of things you want to achieve, having somewhere to note this down can help you to get them done.

Adult colouring books are at their peak with a variety on offer. For anyone that you know who would enjoy one of these books and also loves comics then this will be a great combination.

If you know someone who would enjoy giving a go at making their own beer then this grow kit for the hops ingredient will be a good start.

For anyone that loves and a bit of comedy and is also into their football, this joke book would be a great little gift.

If you know any keen golfers who might want to practice their chipping skills, then you pop up net can help them improve their game.

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Gift Guide Ideas With Fragrance Direct

Christmas shopping is something that from the start of November will excite you, or be an activity you dread to start. Whichever one of these suits your shopping style, having a reliable gift idea would be welcome to anyone. Fragrances are worn by many people which can make it a straight-forward present for a loved one, and with the dedicated Christmas page on Fragrance Direct, choosing the right one is made even easier. 

Quite a while ago now I received aftershave as a gift and because I liked it, I just stuck with it. In more recent years, I've started to expand my selection which gives me more choice for different occasions. After looking through the page, I decided to choose one from Hugo Boss and another from Lacoste. I've never had either of these brands before so thought it would be a good opportunity to try something new.

BOSS BOTTLED TONIC Eau de Toilette 50ml is a new fresh fragrance from Hugo Boss that contrasts bitter nuances of citrus with subtle sophistication to reflect the Man of Today staying true to his values while striving to reach his goals. The vibrancy of ginger and sharp effervescence makes it piercing yet composed, with the simple woody base evoking the richness of the earth. Being a fresh fragrance makes it suitable to wear as an everyday scent.

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau de Toilette 50ml is a classic floral woody fragrance. It has top notes of rosemary, cedar leaf, grapefruit and cardamom which is mixed with the core of ylang-ylang and Mexican tuberose. This is finished off with sensual base notes of leather, cedar and suede. I feel like this would be a good option for those times when you want a slightly stronger scent. The white fragrance that I went for represents elegance, freshness and simplicity. They also have a green and blue option of this fragrance, each with its own character.

So if you're looking for a gift idea for someone this Christmas, then it's worth checking out the thoughtful gift edit from Fragrance Direct.

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Energenie MiHome Smart Plugs | Review & Giveaway

Smart home devices are becoming more popular with the tech-savvy and those wanting to make their life easier and simpler. I've always been into gadgets, so was delighted to be trying out the Starter Kit from Energenie (£79.99)*. The pack contains three smart plugs, the MiHome Gateway and a remote control. MiHome is Amazon Alexa certified and will connect with other platforms including IFTTT, Nest and more so you can set this up with your other smart home devices. A free, easy to use app for either iOS or Android will help you get up and running and allow you to control your devices from your phone.

The system can be set up quickly with minimum effort. I found it so easy to do it via the app as it guides you through each step. There is no messing around connecting it as you can simply scan the QR code on the back of gateway unit and it recognises what you are setting up. Setting up the plugs was also nice and easy and I was putting them around the house in no time, being able to control them from the app whether this is switching them on and off or setting up a timer. A geofencing feature can be applied to your devices which is based on your phone's location, so it could automatically turn the plugs off after you get a set distance away, or alternatively, put them on when you are nearly back so your home is ready for when you step in the door.

A remote is also supplied with the starter kit which is capable of controlling up to four devices. You can do this either individually or all of them together using the master control buttons. I find this comes in useful when you don't have your phone to hand or want to keep it next to the sofa. I've always been keen to get smart home items so have really enjoyed using these smart plugs, it's made my life that little bit easier. The great thing is that you can keep adding more devices including for other areas of your home including heating, lighting and appliances so I'd definitely want to get some of these in the future.


If you want to get your hands on your own Energenie Starter pack worth £79.99 then check out the competition below and get entering!

Win the Energenie Smart Plugs (3 Pack) #5
Terms & Conditions
Please see link at bottom of giveaway for full T&Cs. Energenie will be supplying the winner with the prize shown in the giveaway entry box above. Competition closes 20th November. Follow giveaway widget to enter.

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Szczecin, Poland Vlog & Photo Diary

I've always loved travelling and exploring new places. A few months ago we decided to book a cheap trip away to Szczecin, Poland for a few days not really knowing much about what was there to see or do. Even though I normally like to plan everything out before booking it, I have no regrets about picking cheap flights to a random place and just going with it. The town turned out to be a really nice place to visit, with a picturesque river and some interesting architecture. Getting to learn more about the war by exploring the tunnels used to take shelter many years ago was an eye-opener into what people went through. I tried to capture some of what I saw, both in the photos below and the vlog at the bottom of the post. Laura has some other photos of our trip which you can see in her post.

MYNT Smart Item Tracker & Remote Review

Losing items is something I'm rather good at, particularly putting down the essentials such as my phone, wallet and keys. Bluetooth trackers are becoming a lifesaver for these situations and mean you may never lose anything important again. MYNT have created a smart item tracker (£18.99)* that can be attached to literally anything you want, whether this is your wallet, keychain, laptop, remote, child's clothing or even to use it as a pet tag. This tracker has a very sleek and elegant design and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It's only 1/8th inch thick, 2 inches in length and 1 inch wide. 

Even with its small size, it's still packed full of features that can make your life a whole lot easier. Separation phone alert will give your phone a real-time notification when it leaves a preset area so you can be alerted before you get a chance to lose your item. This function is a step up from just being able to see where your item is after you've already lost it. Separation location allows you to see where your item is and lets you follow directions using the map to be reunited with your possessions. 

The distance indicator will make it quicker to find your stuff and prevent you stressing about getting it back. Being able to track your items from your phone is great, but what happens when you lose your phone? The MYNT tracker is a bi-directional anti-loss device that can be used to locate your phone. Long pressing the button on the MYNT will make your phone ring to help you get it back, probably from the back of the sofa or at the bottom of your bag. Alternatively, whichever item you've tagged will allow you to ring the tracker from your phone and can quite easily manage multiple devices all in the smartphone app.

Additional options on the MYNT tracker let you use it as a camera remote, music remote or even as a presentation clicker. Some extras that are supplied are the tracker loop, a keyring, a spare battery and a couple of adhesive pads for when you want to attach it to solid items. I've loved using this tracker and playing around with all its great features. My favourite function at the minute is the separation phone alert as it prevents me leaving the house without my valuables. I can definitely see myself investing in more of these in the future to tag up multiple items so I can keep track of all the important things I own. 

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Hofmeister Beer Review & Giveaway

Hofmeister has recently relaunched their beer after it disappeared a number of years ago. Back in the 80's it was a 3.2% ABV pale lager that was produced by Scottish Courage. It was well known due to its famous Bavarian 'George The Bear' and the slogan 'For great lager, follow the bear'. This lager was available until 2003 when it was axed by Heineken who owned the brand back then. After 13 years, Hofmeister returned last year having been turned into a 5% ABV Helles lager, that is slow-brewed by a fourth generation family-owned brewery on the edge of Ebersberger Forest in Bavaria, Germany.

The new lager is owned and run by drinks industry veterans Spencer Chambers and Richard Longhurst and has taken a lot of painstaking work to bring it back from the dead. It's brewed and crafted according to the 1516 Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law, with Hofmeister believing that their Bavarian Helles is the best lager that you can get your paws on. Made using natural mineral water and locally grown barley and hops, this lager is 'subtly hoppy and a gently carbonated Helles. If you fancy picking up some of your own, you can get it here

I've tried a number of different beers over the past few years including a variety of German beers. At 5%, this beer is on the weaker side for German beers, however, that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. I found Hofmeister to be a really easy drinking beer that wasn't too overpowering. It's got a slightly sweet taste to it and combined with the slight carbonation makes it a pleasantly refreshing drink. Hofmeister would be a perfect beverage to enjoy with a meal, and it worked particularly well with the BBQ that I had mine with.


If you fancy getting your hands on some of your very own Hofmeister, then check out my competition on Twitter below to enter and be in with a chance of winning. The prize will include a 12 pack of Hofmeister Helles Beer, Two Hofmeister Beer Glasses, a Hofmeister Bar Blade and a pack of Hofmeister branded beer mats. Please see T&Cs below.

Terms and Conditions

UK entries only. Must be over 18 to enter and be willing to prove your age. Ends 17th September at 10pm. Prize items listed above in competition section. No cash alternative. Winner will be notified on Twitter. Hofmeister will be sending the prize out to the winner. To enter, must be following both @amsblog & @hofmeister_beer and retweet the tweet above.

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