Give Blood

Having recently been to my 7th blood donation session, I thought it would be a good chance to help spread the word about the importance of donating blood. I signed up to become a blood donor when I was in Sixth Form and have donated as regularly as I could since then. 
It is such a simple process to donate blood and it will make a difference every time you do it. Most people can give blood, however, less than 3% of the population actively give blood. Blood that is donated can save someone's life, for use in emergencies, and those needing long-term treatment.

Check out some of the stories of people who have benefited from blood donors. 
There are loads of places to donate blood and will take place at regular intervals in your local area, and takes hardly any time and effort from yourself to do it, yet it could make the world of difference to someone else. To find out more about donating, see the Blood Website.

Why not do something amazing, give blood and save a life! 

Christmas in Liverpool

Christmas is officially here and I have eventually got into Liverpool City Centre to have a see all the lights and decorations. With my parents coming up for the day, it was a great chance to show them around the City. Check out some of the festive decorations. 

There are some nice places on the top of Liverpool One for a range of Christmas drinks, including an Ice Bar and Mulled Wine stalls. 

It's all child friendly too with some fairground rides, including a helter-skelter and a real ice slide! 

I was experimenting with a longer shutter speed to capture the movement of the shoppers in the Liverpool One complex.

Have you been to see Christmas in Liverpool?

Original Penguin & SIGMA Team Up*

This post is in collaboration with Original Penguin and SIGMA to celebrate great achievements for them both right now! You may have heard of Original Penguin before; they're the American clothing brand that specialise in clothing, footwear and eyewear. They have been around since 1955 and are still going strong today. They have two main product lines: the 'Original Label', which is their clothing and accessories products for men, women and children. The other is the 'Black Label', which is their higher end men's clothing aimed towards golf wear.

I've always been into artists such as Chase & Status and loved the music that they have released over the years, and I was so impressed when I saw them live at Rock City in Nottingham and at Leeds Fest. After discovering SIGMA, I really enjoyed what they released, being a similar kind of music to that of Chase & Status. Since then, they have worked with some top artists such as DJ Fresh, Ellie Goulding and Paloma Faith.
SIGMA have recently released their new album 'Life'. To celebrate their album launch they teamed up with Original Penguin who are celebrating their 60th birthday, for an exclusive show. With SIGMA taking the music scene by storm this year, they talked about what helped them to get where they are now. Check out the video to see who and what was important to them along the way:

*This is a collaborative post

5 Benefits of Being a Blogger Couple

Having been blogging for over a year now, I have started to develop new skills with all things blogging. As I've mentioned before my girlfriend Laura is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and has been blogging for longer than me. She was the one who got me into blogging and she gave me a lot of help getting my blog up and running. After getting into the swing of things I soon realised that there are perks to both of us blogging.


There have been times for us both when we have been really busy and have needed photos doing for posts, but being able to help each other out taking photos to get the best lighting during the day while the other one is out comes in extremely handy.

Post Ideas

I should think there have been a lot of bloggers out there that will have hit a brick wall when it comes to thinking of ideas and you just can't seem to come up with any good content. Having someone to bounce ideas off who understands what is needed in a post will help prevent you from banging your head against a wall.

Combine Your Skills

Realistically, you can't be good at everything. With me and Laura being better at certain things, combining these skills to help each other has been so valuable. I have been taking photos longer than Laura and can help her with this, and she is better at HTML and using Photoshop, as you can see in her post. Being able to help and teach each other things makes for better quality content.


Growing your blog following and readership is a key part of blogging. Being able to help promote each other on social media comes in very useful. I know that Laura has a much bigger following and therefore it benefits me more when she promotes me, but being able to do this for each other can help both of us grow and progress with our blogs.

Unique Content

When doing lifestyle and travel posts, being a couple who blog can sometimes give you a different perspective and opens up new ideas for posts. Travel posts can become more interesting as you can link to each others content to see different sides of a trip. More relevant to Laura's blog, you can do entertaining content such as the 'Boyfriend Does My Makeup' which can often be quite popular.

Are you a blogger couple or have someone who also blogs?

What thing's do you find useful?

Knowsley Safari Park

A few weeks ago we went to the Safari Park in Knowsley. We took Laura's little 4 year old sister and she absolutely loved it too. It only cost £10 for the three of us to go around and you could spend as long as you wanted driving around the park and walking around the other areas.

I filmed the complete drive around the park on my GoPro out of the front window so we could watch the trip back, and I've uploaded a sped up version of the video so you can follow us on the drive round. It was really good driving around and seeing all the different animals, although we encountered some rather cheeky monkeys in their enclosure!

I would definitely recommend visiting the Safari Park as it gives a new experience for driving around rather than walking around a zoo.You can also get much closer to the animals and get to see them in a more natural environment rather than being kept in smaller enclosures. Check out the video to see what it's like.

Have you ever been to the Safari Park?