Trafford Centre - Another Angle

A few weeks ago, I went to the Trafford Centre and after wandering around the main area, we ended up in the separate area of the complex which mainly contained the home stores. After going into this part of the Trafford Centre I was really impressed by the buildings and architecture and thought I would share some photos. You would never think you were in the middle of a large shopping centre.

Christmas Time
I've since been back to the Trafford Centre and its all been decorated in time for Christmas. Its quite mimimal decorations but it makes it look very seasonal and inside the home stores complex they have a few Christmas market huts selling various foods.

Inside the main shopping area, its been fully decked out with decorations and Christmas lights. I know a lot of places tend to decorate for this time of year but I thought I would share some from when I went. 

Have you ever been to the Trafford Centre? What did you think?

Men's Gift Guide for Christmas*

It's getting to that time of year when you will start buying Christmas presents, or if you are a bit like me, desperately trying to think of gift ideas in time for Christmas. There seem to be so many options when buying presents for girls, so it can be easy for when we have to choose for them. When people are buying for us, they can be a little stuck for ideas, so I thought I would put together a gift guide for men to give you some ideas this season.
Uppercut Monster Hold Wax
I have used this wax before and was really impressed by how well it holds as you can see in my review. Having tried a range of different wax's, having this monster hold outperformed the others and would be a great gift to someone who is looking for a no fuss wax. 

Bulldog Eye Roll-On
Most of us probably don't get as much sleep as we would like and those early mornings can leave you feeling a bit drained. Whenever I'm tired I get dark areas under my eyes as if I hadn't slept for a week! This eye roller is specifically designed for men and will help revive tired eyes are dark circles.

Jack Wills Men's Travel Kit
Being a travel kit, this would make a great gift as its got the basics of what any man would need on a weekend away with the handy bag making it much easier to pack. As it's Jack Wills, it should get a much better response than 'just another Lynx set' that they would get every other year.
Shave Club Cooling Gel
This cooling gel should be a welcome addition to anyone who shaves, I know that it would help me for the post shave soreness and help to prevent further problems with my skin. Shave Club also offer subscription services ranging from £3.99-£5.99/month. These include a delivery of fresh razor blades each month to make sure you would always get the best shave, and you can buy some of their other products such as the cooling gel on their website. Another benefit is that you can pause your subscription whenever you want. Have a watch of their fun new video to see what they do:

What other ideas do you have for Christmas gifts?
*This was a collaboration post