Brached Out to YouTube & Our Paris Video

After talking about it for a while myself and Laura thought it would be a good time to create a joint YouTube channel to upload videos of things we do together. We have uploaded our first video of when we went to Paris last year of a few of the places that we visited while on holiday there.
We both did some posts about it if you wanted to have a look at what else we got up to, including Laura's 'Trip to Paris' and 'Laudree' posts, and my 'Paris Travel Recommendations'. I've included the video below, and we should have some more up in the near future so if you feel like subscribing that would be great!


GoPro Hero Haul

So after wanting to buy a GoPro for ages now, I've finally got round to buying one and thought I would share with you what bits I have so far.

GoPro Hero
After consideration of all the models I decided to go for the entry-level Hero model as it had all the functions that I needed while still being fully waterproof and shockproof so you can use it in pretty much any situation you want to. It still films up 1080p so I will be able to get some very high quality film out of it.

GoPro The Handler Mount
I went for this mount as my basic carrying handle when wanting to film so that I had a more sturdy grip on the camera to give better photo and video outputs when using it handheld. The great thing about the mount it that it is fully waterproof and will float itself and the camera so you can use it in water and not have worry about it sinking and loosing it.

GoPro Tripod Mount
These are going to be very useful for using the camera as it will make things so much easier. It will allow me to use the GoPro on both my mini and full size tripods for stability when filming and when wanting to do time-lapse sequences.

SanDisk Extreme PLUS MicroSDHC Class 10 32GB Memory Card
With the amazing quality that this camera can output, I wanted a memory card that could cope with processing this and have plenty of space. The Hero only accepts memory cards up to 32GB so I went for the max possible with a quick read speed of up to 80MB/s.

Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 2 
After spending the money on a camera and mounts, getting a decent case to protect it was a no-brainer. After spending hours looking through different cases I went for this one as it fits the camera and all the mounts in comfortably with some space left for additional mounts I will buy in the future. Its got a hard outer casing to protect everything inside with separate soft lined compartments inside, and being from Lowepro, I knew it would be a brand I could trust.

That's what I have got so far, and I can't wait to go out and use it. When I've had chance to test it out properly I will put up some of the footage and images I've got with it as well as a review.

Do you have a GoPro or plan to get one? What have you been using it for?


Graduating From University!

I haven't been posting in a while so thought I would update you on recent events that have kept me a little busy. Last week I graduated from Northumbria University!

What was also great about last week was that Laura graduated the day before me (see her graduation post here), so we had an amazing couple of days seeing each other graduate from Uni. Here's a little catch up with what happened.

After meeting up with Laura's family in Newcastle on Wednesday night we had a catch up before Laura's graduation. On the Thursday it was an early start, getting up at 6am in order for Laura to be ready for her ceremony. It was an amazing experience and I was so proud to see Laura graduate. After the ceremony, we went for a meal to celebrate with her family and then went for a meal in the evening for just the two of us.

After meeting my family at the University, it was my time to graduate. Before I knew it I was on the stage shaking hands and becoming Andrew Smith BSc (Hons)! On Friday evening we went for a meal with my family and celebrated both of our achievements.

It was a great feeling to have graduated with Laura and that we could move onto new things together. By the end of the summer we will have moved to Liverpool to live with Laura's family while we both look to move onto the next stage into employment, and then we will decide where to start renting our own place once again.

I've had an amazing time through Uni and couldn't be happier to have met Laura while being here. I'm excited for what the future will bring and look forward to moving on to the next chapter in both our lives.

I hope everyone else who will be graduating this summer has an amazing time!