BETWEEN - Episode 6: War

A revealing episode about the events in the town, with a lot of action packed in.

If you need a quick catch up with Episode 5 click here.

Key Points
After we see Adam being woken up by his dad in the prison the action moves over to Chuck who believes Amanda's death was caused by Ronnie or Pat and gets his group together to head over to their house and finding a smashed car headlight covered in blood. Meanwhile Pat has gone over to Chuck's house to admit his guilt.

Adam is led to a tunnel out of the town by his dad who then reveals some big truths about the virus and the governments intentions. Ronnie and Pat agree to meet Chuck at the church to try and resolve the issue and Pat ends up agreeing to be killed if his family are left alone, but Wiley steps in before Chuck can pull the trigger. At this point, Chuck's dad is revealed as the father of Wiley's baby.

This shock is cut short by an announcement to the town revealing an injection to cure the disease is being brought in by soldiers and all people must report to the prison. Injections start to take place but the group in the church suspect foul play after Adam comes back to reveal the truth behind it all. They attack the soldiers who had come to move them to the prison and Adam and Gord use the uniforms to gain access into the prison without suspicion.

After getting to the control room Adam tries to lock down the prison, but his dad tries to stop him, admitting himself and Adam are the only people immune to the virus in the whole town and the injections are designed to kill everyone else to prevent the spread of the virus, which was actually designed for population control. After warnings, Adam ends up shooting his dad so he can stop this culling of the town.

Wiley, her baby and Melissa are forced into a van to be taken to the prison, but the guards die from the virus while driving and crash the van. Wiley escapes clutching her baby while Melissa is left trapped inside the burning wreck. After being corned, Pat shoots his way out to save Chuck's life, but at the cost of his own. We see many of the children have died from the injections but luckily Gord's sister avoided receiving one. The episode ends with Adam admitting to Wiley that he has a way out.

Episode Thoughts
One thing I noticed in this episode was how poor the acting of the soldiers was, as it seemed really effortless. Overall I think the story line is starting to have holes in the plot and even though we are finding answers to many of the questions about the virus, it seems a little cobbled together. The story needs changing up a little to keep people interested and I think the script could do with more creativity as it is becoming a little boring and predictable.

That's this seasons final episode, so we shall have to wait and see what Netflix decide with regards to a second season, although with a slightly disappointing first season, we might not even see one.


BETWEEN - Episode 5: End Of The Rope

Some shocking events and more questions opening up within this weeks episode.

If you need a quick catch up of Episode 4 click here.

Key Points
For the start of this episode Pat asks Wiley for help and uses her baby as blackmail so they can go and retrieve medicine for one of the injured girls. Adam heads over to the prison to try and figure out the reason behind the canister he found. It then moves over to one of Chuck's friends Vince, who is throwing up, but it isn't blood like the disease causes.

Gord goes over to help Vince and finds out that his appendix has ruptured rather than the disease causing the pain. Another one of Chuck's friends offers to fly him over the fence to a hospital in a small propeller plane. Wiley goes to fetch the antibiotics but Chuck refuses to hand them over as he thinks they are for Ronnie. Vince gets loaded into the plane and it heads to the runway, and after a worrying start it takes off. No longer than 10 seconds later and the plane is shot down by a missile blowing it out the sky.

After Gord confronts Chuck about his town management methods, an argument ensues followed by a fight between the two. Later on we see Gord having flash-backs about a tragic event earlier in his life. Back over in the prison the possible government official pulls a gun on Adam but he manages to escape into another room.

Wiley and Pat get caught by her sister Melissa when they go back to get the antibiotics later, but she lets them go. The action then moves over to Amanda who has lost her dog again, and after spotting it goes running after it. She runs straight across the road and gets knocked down by Pat and Wiley driving down the road. After seeing Amanda has been killed they leave the scene before anyone notices them.

Going crazy with the cries of Wiley's baby Ronnie comes through with a knife first heading towards the baby but then turns the knife on himself. Luckily he gets talked down. After realising that he might not be a good leader, Chuck is interrupted with the news about Amanda. A crowd has gathered around the body and Chuck breaks down. Over in the prison, Adam gets cornered and is just about to get killed after admitting he thinks the virus was human caused, when the woman herself gets shot, by none other by Adams dad.

Episode Thoughts
This weeks episode gets left on a cliff hanger with Adam's dad making an entrance. A shock in the episode with Amanda's death and whether Chuck will find out who did this. More and more questions are starting to appear, such as how Adam's dad is still alive and hasn't been taken by the disease.

Who is behind the virus outbreak? Why did they make it?

The episode seems to be dragging a little and more about the events within the town. I think we need to start finding out some answers about the other things going on with the virus.


Get Yourself Heard - UKF with Desperados Competition

As a music lover I have always been interested in listening to new artists and encouraging friends to listen to them too. I especially love the BBC Radio 1 Introducing Stage at Leeds Festival where I have expanded my interests in different types of music and would love to encourage future artists to take the opportunity to get themselves heard.

Since listening to music I have always found UKF as a great place to find new artists and discover some amazing music. There are many great artists out there and many have come by working their way up through the music scene. UKF are a huge name in music and an amazing opportunity has come up for those interested in getting their music out there.  

Desperados is working with UKF to give you the chance to show people your music and have the chance you to win a mentorship with a record label plus getting to play at one of London's 02 venues, alongside huge acts such as Sigma. 

How To Apply
If you want to be in with a chance of winning this competition head over to, and submit a 15-second video showcasing your talent in your discipline, which could be music, design, art or promotion. 

The Competition
First, winning entrants will link up with three fellow winners who come from the same town (with a team to be drawn from London, Manchester and Bristol respectively). 

After they have been chosen, each team will be set a series of challenges by UKF over the summer to showcase their talent. This includes making a music video and getting to throw a party in their hometown that will have a budget for an awesome night. 

Each team will then get to host their own room and getting to perform on the same stage as Sigma at Building Six, one of London's 02 clubs. After this, the team that have shown the most creative and originality of their work all the way through the selection process, with each person from this winning team to win a massive 12-month mentorship with UKF. 

The Experts
Each team will be mentored by a panel of experts throughout the process which include:

Pav - Founding member of leading English HipHop and Dubstep group, Foreign Beggars 

Carly Wilford - Music Promoter and show DJ for Rinse FM

David Bailey - Graphic Designer, named one of "50 creative greats" by UK Design Awards

Stuart Warren-Hill - Multi-award winning visual artist and VJ. One half of AV duo Hexstatic. Voted DJ Magazine's No. 1 VJ. 

This competition closes on 26th of June so don't waste any time and if you are interested make sure you enter this amazing opportunity!


In return for helping promote this opportunity I'll be receiving a free case of Desperados in return for my help. 

BETWEEN - Episode 4: Love Hurts

Chuck's authority becomes less favourable and Ronnie gets even more out of control. A darker themed episode with new episodes throwing new suspicions.

If you need a quick catch up of Episode 3 click here

Key Points
We see a flashback of  Ms. Symonds her birthday last year when her boyfriend proposes but then starts bleeding from the mouth and dies right in front of her. Ronnie then convinces Wiley to go hunting with him. Two kids decide to steal a car from the garage and start racing off at high speed, only to be pursued by some of Chuck's group who follow in a police car.

Mark brings his beer from the lorry into the bar after being told that the bar owner, Stacey's dad, has died, only to be confronted by the Stacey who ends up agreeing to make an arrangement to open up the bar again if they split the profits. Chuck's crew catch up with the kids after they run off from crashed car. Adam finds a cap at the scene where Lana's body was found and gets suspicions about who may have killed her. The two kids are brought back to Chuck who tries to get them to apologise, but after one of them refuses, Chuck ties him to a pole outside until he apologises, and sends a message out to the other kids in the town. Adam goes round to Ronnie and Pat's house to check out his boots to compare to the prints he found by Lana's body, but he gets interrupted as they come out the house, and Pat seems to get worried.

Trigger warning for attempted sexual assault at this point of the episode. 
After reopening the bar, people start to filter in, probably because there isn't much else to do in the town. Out hunting, Ronnie makes a move and kisses Wiley, only to be knocked back. After Chuck comes into the bar and confronts Mark and Stacey about serving under age kids, Mark puts all the blame on Stacey even though it was his idea, which ends up with Stacey being told she can't run he bar. Again, Ronnie tries to make more moves on Wiley and after trying to force himself onto her she pushes him off the hunting platform. He fakes being knocked out and when Wiley goes to check on him, he grabs her and pins her down - luckily she is saved before he can do any more damage.

Pat proves to Adam that Lana committed suicide after being mixed up with drugs, showing the suicide note, and then Adam manages to convince Chuck that Pat is innocent. After the kid strapped to the pole turns out to be diabetic and goes into shock, people don't approve of Chucks authority tactics. After sitting for drinks with Adam for her 22nd birthday, Ms. Symonds starts bleeding from the mouth of dies in the middle of the bar. The episode ends with Mark being taken back to the prison by the prison officer, yet then releases him again saying he has proven useful. She then makes a phone call after he is released and asks for intel on Adam.

Episode Thoughts
We are starting to see more of Chuck trying to enforce control over the town, wanting to live up to his dad's ways but this doesn't seem to go down well as he is getting a bit reckless. After wondering about Lana's death, its good to finally find an answer to why she died rather than dragging this on too long. I think Ronnie's true nature is really starting to show after attacking Wiley. After Ms. Symonds death, it confirms what I have been wondering about the age barrier and whether the disease would still kill you as you turn 22. I think the phone call made by the prison officer at the end of the episode really makes you want to keep watching to find out more.

That's it for this week, I hope you enjoyed it. Did you enjoy this episode and what did you think?


Maroon 5 - Manchester

So last week me and Laura went to see Maroon 5 at Manchester Arena. We got there about an hour before the show started and managed to get right up to the barrier. The stage has a long walkway that came out into an arrow into the crowd so we decided to take spot at the point of the arrow so we could see straight down towards the stage and would be in prime position when Adam Levine came up the walkway. You can see from the photos how close we were when Adam came out into the crowd. I've put the setlist further down for the Manchester show.

The show was really good and I would say one of the best I have ever been to. Adam Levine really got the crowd involved making use of the walk way and he went through all of the band members part way through the show to introduce them all which you don't always get with bands. They are so worth going to watch live and I would definitely recommend going to see them if you get the chance!

1. Animals 
2. One More Night
3. Stereo Hearts
4. Harder to Breathe
5. Lucky Strike
6. Wake Up Call
7. Love Somebody
8. Maps
9. This Love
10. Sunday Morning 
11. Makes Me Wonder
12. Payphone
13. Daylight 

14. This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherf****r
15. She Will Be Loved
16. Moves Like Jagger
17. Sugar

MAGIC! were supporting Maroon 5 on tour and were really good and Nick Gardner also performed at Manchester, who  who is worth giving a listen.

I thought I would share my experience with you and hope you enjoyed this post. Have you ever been to see Maroon 5? What did you think to seeing them live?


BETWEEN - Episode 3: Crossing Lines

After government testing reveals the disease is airborne, it doesn't seem that the quarantine will be lifted any time soon. This is starting to increase tension in the town and forces some people to try rash decisions.

If you need a quick catch up of Episode 2 click here

Key Points
We see a new character at the very start of the episode who opens a cage containing a tiger to then see a blood stained trainer. Adam is taking care of Wiley after her collapse and explains why he thinks she fell ill. Amanda finds Lana's phone and when Chuck finds this he sees Ronnie was the last person to text the late Lana arranging to meet her in the woods where her body was found.

Chuck gets his group together and armed with guns, they go with Gord to Ronnie and Pats' house to bring Ronnie in before they think he can hurt anyone else. After all power is cut to the town, Gord ends up getting grazed by a bullet after a small shootout between Ronnie and the other starts.

Chucks group get some police radios to use while the power is out, yet these don't work either, causing further suspicion in the town. Rumours start to circulate that the power cut is a result of the military electrifying the quarantine fence and blowing the grid. Ronnie has an alibi for the night of Lana's murder, a drunken night with his Chuck's girlfriend, Stacey.  After agreeing with Stacey to go to a peaceful meet with Chuck, she ends up punching Ronnie and fleeing to Chuck claiming Ronnie had attacked her, maybe her conscious caught up with her about her antics.

Adam and Wiley manage to cut through the fence but they nearly stumble onto a minefield just past the perimeter fence. Adam decides to test the area with Wiley's bag, which soon confirms that the minefield is live, with the contents of her bag being blown into the air, which turns out to contain a huge amount of cash. Gord's sister who is looking after the farm gets taken by surprise as the tiger comes to the barn, and after fetching a rifle she tries to defend herself.

Ronnie has tried a new tactic and taken Amanda at knife point, an agrees to release her in exchange for a gun. After the swap takes place Chuck beats up Ronnie after, but is soon shown the evidence of his innocence after Pat rushes in to stop the attack and shows the text from Stacey. She ends up getting left on her own after Chuck confronts her and she still tries to deny she was with Ronnie.

Gord goes back to the farm to find the tiger shot dead outside and finds his sister safe. We then see the return of Mark who turns up in a lorry. The episode ends with Wiley agreeing to go and stay with Ronnie.

Episode Thoughts
Chuck is still trying to exert control over the town and after arming himself and the group they are becoming more dangerous, with the aggravation towards Ronnie ever increasing. The episode was still a little slow with it appearing to take a while for things to move forward but we are starting to discover new questions about what is going on, namely why a minefield has been installed around the fence and why they have cut power and communications to the town. Hopefully we will soon start to get some answers about the disease to keep the interest in what will happen.

That's all for this weeks episode, see you next week to find out the new developments.


Liverpool - The Albert Docks & Liverpool ONE

Seen as I will be moving to Liverpool in August and as my girlfriend Laura is originally from here, I wanted to go and explore what the city has to offer. I took a trip round the Albert Docks and the Liverpool ONE shopping area last week and enjoyed all it had to offer in the great weather. 

Albert Docks

There are plenty of places to look around at the Albert Docks with some great views of Liverpool's great location on the Mersey. You could spent a whole afternoon walking round the docks with plenty of shops and museums to explore. There are some great places to have food and drinks with the 'Pumphouse' being in a prime location as you go over to the docks. If you were wanting to stay around the docks area there are a few hotels within the docks area which will put you in a great place to go and explore the other parts of the city with Liverpool ONE only being 5 minutes away.  

There are a number of ferries that you can catch from the docks to different areas, whether it be just across the Mersey or further afield. As you can see they have got some quite interesting designs and even if you aren't going to catch one its worth going down to have a look at them. 

The Wheel of Liverpool is located to the left hand side of the docks, although you will be able to see if from many areas. It's well worth going on the wheel especially on clear sunny days as you get some great views of the docks and all across Liverpool. It costs between £6.50 and £9 depending on your age, for a full price list check out their website here.

Liverpool ONE

These are the steps up to the top section of Liverpool ONE and you wouldn't feel like you were in the middle of a bustling city. Its part of another area to go and relax in the sun when you need a break from shopping.

Looking back towards the docks from the top of Liverpool ONE, there are steps down towards more shops and places such as Bierkeller and Bill's Restaurant, as well as some fountains on your walk towards the docks. 

While exploring we went for lunch in Bill's which is just across from the Hilton in the photo. The food in there is really good and well priced, and I got a fish finger sandwich. It sounds a little like a child's meal but it was very nice. 

One useful tip when either shopping or eating in Liverpool ONE is to download the 'Liverpool 1' app. There are numerous discounts and we got 20% off the food bill plus a free cocktail with the meal at Bill's. This was just one of many discounts so check it out before you start spending!

Liverpool ONE has loads of different shops and restaurants with many of the restaurants being located on the top flood and seen in the photo including Red-Hot Buffet, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pizza Express, Cafe Rouge, Yee Rah, Zizzi's and Las Iguanas. You can't go far wrong shopping here either with two floors packed full of high street shops, and for any more shopping you want to do its only a short walk through to Church Street and the Met Quarter with a number of designer shops. There is an Q Park car park integrated within the shopping centre so you can walk straight through to your car from the shops.

If you find yourself wanting something a little different to do their is also an Odeon Cinema on the top floor as well as Crazy Golf just down the escalators from the top floor.

Over the summer there are usually plenty of events going on at Liverpool ONE, such as a beach on top of Chavasse Park across from the restaurants, so be sure to check out the website to see whats going on.

Have you ever been to Liverpool? If you have did you enjoy the Albert Docks and Liverpool ONE and is there any other parts you would recommend?


BETWEEN - Episode 2: Who's The Boss?

This week we start to explore the disease and action is taken that the residents of Pretty Lake hope will solve the problem. Meanwhile tension in the town is rising with conflicts beginning to develop.

If you need a recap on the main characters or a quick run through of the key events in the first episode check it out here.

Key Points
At the very start of the episode we hear a car crash outside a shop and people rush out to see what's happened, to see the result of a terrible accident where one of the small children has been killed after being hit by the car. Wiley struggles to cope with the situation that her baby has been born into seeming to have lost the connection with her child not even wanting to name her boy.

We get introduced to Chuck's sister Amanda, who is trying to cope with the disappearance of their sister Lana, which is made worse by her learning difficulties. Slightly later the town receives a TV broadcast advising them to burn the bodies of the dead to try and get rid of the disease. They hope they will be able to lift the quarantine after this, which seems to spur some through the awful task of burning their parents bodies.

The town's people start to collect and pile up the bodies from around the town. Back over in the prison Mark is calling out in the hope someone will come to let him out but he seems to be out of luck. Gord goes to the local shop to try and get food supplies for the children at the shelter and is noticed by another child who goes to report this to Chuck. A little later Gord discovers Ronnie stealing from a house and confronts him only for Ronnie to pull a gun on him. Things appear to be getting a little out of control in the town.

Chuck and some of his group turn up and after a slight heated discussion let Ronnie go on his way. Over at the medical centre Ms. Symonds comes to find Adam and asks why he isn't helping with the bodies, but he is too busy trying to find out causes of the disease and doesn't believe they will lift the quarantine, even when the bodies have been burnt. After looking into the government system again, Adam discovers someone of interest that may be important to this outbreak in Pretty Lake.

Wiley goes to the Lawyers house to try and find an important envelope he has relating to the father of her baby. The body of the lawyer lies on his desk but she is confronted by his son who goes to get the envelope, but before she gets it she collapses on the floor. While this happens Chuck and his group go round to confront Pat about Ronnie's actions which nearly turns nasty and eventually they end up leaving before trouble develops.

The lawyers son thinks Wiley has died from the virus and she ends up getting collected with all the other bodies. Over on his farm Gord notices what appear to be Vultures circling above a forest and after investigating he find Lana's body propped against a tree with a gunshot through the head. After he brings Chuck and Adam to the scene, it becomes apparent that Adam thinks she was murdered.

Amanda is trying to cook food in the fryer over at the store which soon gets out of control and causes the building to start emitting thick black smoke. Luckily they manage to put the fire out but to cover her actions, Amanda says she saw an old truck which wrongly leads Chuck to believe that Ronnie and Pat started the fire.

The town comes together for a mass burning of all the dead bodies and they hope they will soon be free from the quarantine. Before they light the pile of bodies Adam is searching for the body of the government official he found searching online for. He finds his body and retrieves something from his coat and luckily notices Wiley waking up among the pile of bodies and gets her to safety before the flames to reach her.

Episode Thoughts
I think this episode was better than the first as we start to see what the town's people are coping when their normal lives has been disrupted. The conflicts are starting to boil over and we now are wondering whether the quarantine will be lifted or not. We have the question of why Wiley collapsed and what happened to Lana.

I hope you enjoyed this catch up and I will be back next week for episode 3.