Between is a new Netflix series that is based on the spread of disease through a small town of Pretty Lake. This isn't like a normal plague however, as only those over the age of 21 are dying. Read on for the main happenings in the first episode.

Key Points

The Main Characters
Wiley - pregnant daughter of the minister.
Adam - computer hacker.
Chuck - rich kid who is the son of his powerful father.
Ronnie and Pat - working class brothers.
Gord - the farmer's son.
Mark - mysterious prisoner.

Episode begins Adam sneaking through the woods towards a large fence with armed guards. We are introduced to a Wiley, quite heavily pregnant with the father of the baby being a bit of a mystery. Next we see Ronnie and Pat fixing their trucks tyre by the side of a road who are then nearly run down by a Chuck in his sports car.

It switches scenes to a prison with an apparent altercation between two prisoners, one of which being Mark, which settles down with suspicion of future problems between the two. Moving to another character introduction, we see a Gord joining up to the army at his local base. The first time we see the disease is in a church where we see the priest dead on the floor with blood dripping from his mouth.

We see the next death as Chuck is tracked down by Pat he nearly hit, and while Chuck's father is arguing about the damage to the car, his wife starts coughing up blood and collapses. This is followed by the death of Gord's father.

After these deaths the outbreak has been noticed by the government and the town is soon quarantined with a large fenced and guards. The residents get told that are to stay within the town and any attempt to escape can result in lethal force being used as they want to prevent the spread of disease.

Adam hacks into a government website and soon notices a pattern in the deaths, anyone over the age of 21 is dying. Later on after realising they have free roam in the town, Ronnie and Pat decide to go and steal from a car garage. This is owned by Chuck's dad, who is a very powerful man in the town. After tracking the vehicle and pulling a gun on the two thieves, he tries to start almost torturing them, until a resident steps in.

Over in the prison, with nearly all the convicts dead, the prison guard has had enough and throws the keys to one of the prisoners in the fight earlier, who ends up with a gun and nearly kills Mark. In the end the armed prisoner is shot by the other prison guard still alive and she orders Mark back to his cell.

Wiley goes into labour and luckily gives birth to a healthy baby. We finish this episode by going back to the scene at the very start. After Adam gets close to the fence, he is spotted and ends up running and getting shot.

Episode Thoughts 
There seems to have been a mixed reception to this new series, however I think it can often take a few episodes to get into a new series and you can't judge it by its first episode. This episode is mainly about introducing the characters and giving us an insight into the village being plagued by the disease. Although we have seen series similar to this before, I think its definitely worth watching as it will be interesting to see whether it turns into a zombie type or survivors style series. The only downside is that we have to wait a week for each new episode!