So this is the final episode of this year so this mid season finale was going to have some drama! So at the end of the last episode we saw Sasha being kicked into the window and knocked out by Officer Lamson which he then makes his escape. This episode carries on from this point with him running while his hands are still tied. He manages to run outside but is soon chased down by Rick in the police car who is telling him to stop which Lamson doesn't do. This ends badly for him as Rick hits him with the cruiser breaking Lamson's back and is then executed with a shot to the head from Rick. Now Rick means serious business and will not take being stabbed in the back.

Gabriel comes across Bob's burnt leg now crawling with maggots from when the Terminus (now dead) group were here. He is then forced into the trees as walkers escape from the building he is next to. Gabriel flees back to the Church that he had previously escaped from and tries to get back in but is trapped outside the front doors, until Michonne breaks down the door from the inside. They are all forced to the back room and then escape the same way that Gabriel also used. 

Beth is still being forced to clean in the hospital, but starts to ask questions about a photo that Dawn has in her office and she is told that respect is the key to being a good officer, which raises some suspicions with Beth. 

Michonne, Carl and Gabriel are about to be attacked by the walkers trying to escape from the church until Abraham blocks the entrance with the fire truck he and the others turn up in. Maggie finds out that Beth is still alive in the hospital and is obviously happy about this news. 

Switching back to Beth, she is upset at the fact that some of the officers in the hospital are dealing out unfair treatment of some patients which Dawn appears to ignore. Dawn comes back by saying she is the one that is protecting Beth and reminds her that she kept quiet Beth's involvement in her colleagues death. Another one of her officers comes down the corridor and threatens to reveal the secret about Beth's behaviour. He and Dawn end up scrapping and he is forced back, off balance in front of the lift shaft, which Dawn calls out for Beth's help to which she pushes him down the open shaft. 

Back over to Rick's group and they have set up so they can talk to two of Dawn's collegues. Daryl, Tyreese a Sasha provide over-watch from the rooftop with the officers in the sights of their rifles. Rick converses the plan for the exchange and asks for the officers to contact Dawn. The exchange is now on!

Beth, pushing Carol in a wheelchair are walked down to one end of the corridor guarded by the officers. Unknown to the officers, Beth has hidden a pair of scissors on her person, what does she intend to do with these? Rick's group bring in the two captured officers for the exchange and both groups lower their weapons. Firstly Carol is swapped for one officer to gain each others trust. Now Beth is walked forward by Dawn to exchange. Dawn has also demanded the return of Noah which after arguments, he volunteers himself to return to the hospital to prevent further confrontation. Beth then turns to Dawn and says "I get it now" shortly before stabbing the pair of scissors into Dawn shoulder. Either out of surprise or intent, Dawn then shoots Beth in the head, which seems like she had planned to kill Beth all along. 

Not a second later and Daryl has put a bullet through Dawn's head and guns are raised on both sides. An officer calls out for calm as no one else should have to die. Understandably Rick's group are deeply upset at the Beth's unexpected death, yet still lower their weapons followed by the officers. Rick and his group turn and head out of the hospital to find Glenn, Maggie and the others walking up to the hospital. The group walk out the hospital completely grief-stricken which Maggie starts to wonder what is wrong. Her worst fears are confirmed when Daryl walks out carrying the Beth's lifeless body in his arms. Maggie collapses to the ground as she cannot cope with this horrible end to a long day. 

The episode ends with Morgan, who we first saw near the start of The Walking Dead. He stumbles upon the church, which is now clear of walkers. He finds the map that Abraham left for Rick, asking him to come to Washington. Morgan realises he must be close to finding Rick which inspires him to continue!

That's it for this episodes round up! Now its the mid season break we have to wait until February next year to find out what happens. I hope you have enjoyed my round ups so far and I will see you in February when we get The Walking Dead back!