This episode starts with the group at the church barricading up the building using various parts of the church such as the organ tubes and wood from the seats. Rick goes with Tyreese, Sasha and Daryl following Noah to go and find Beth and Carol. The rest of the group stay at the church and barricade themselves inside. The priest then starts to scratch and wipe the floor for some unknown reason.

The scene then changes to the hospital where Beth has been tasked to mop the floors and she uses this opportunity to go into Carol to see how she is doing. The doctor then comes in to check on Carol (which is shown to be hooked up to machines due to being unconscious). Beth has to leave at this point as not to arouse suspicion that she knows Carol.

Another switch of scenes over to Abraham's group displaying his violent nature by hitting away a bottle of water offered to him then standing up pumping his chest out until Maggie draws her pistol threatening to put him down if he doesn't back down, which lucky for him he decides to do. 

Back to Ricks group and he is making plans to try and rescue Beth and Carol, he suggests an ambush attack on the hospital yet Tyreese steps up and offers his less violent option of luring a couple of cops out to them make a trade with Dawn for Beth and Carol. Daryl agrees with Tyreese and Rick gets knocked back which he isn't happy about although its nice to see Tyreese putting his point across. 

While all this is going on the Reverend is still scrubbing the floors which becomes apparent that he is trying to clear up the blood of the late cannibals. Carl starts trying to give the Reverend tips about protecting himself and offers him a machete. The Reverend decides the thought of killing someone (or something, being a walker) is too much and retreats to the back room to 'have a lie down'. This appears later on not to be what he has planned.

Dawn agrees with her college about not wasting any more resources on keeping Carol alive and she orders him to go and turn off the support machines she is hooked up to. Surprisingly after Beth expresses concern for letting Carol die, Dawn gives Beth the key to the medicine cupboard to try and save Carol now she has been unplugged from the machines. 

Switching now to Abraham and the group, Maggie has created some shade for Eugine seen as he is laid directly in the sun unconscious. The tension between Abraham and the rest is still evident. 

Back to the hospital and Beth goes to ask the doctor what medication he would give Carol to help her survive which he eventually gives over after anger that he is never given the key himself. Unknown to Beth the group are on their way to try and rescue her and Carol.

Noah starts shooting around a mile away from the hospital to attract the attention of the police officers which they soon come out to investigate. They catch up with Noah and unknowingly into an ambush by the rest of the group. They manage to capture the two cops until another officer comes driving from another direction who manages to rescue his two colleagues. This doesn't get them far as Sasha manages to shoot out a tyre on the car. They manage to catch up with the officers not far away and after a bit of a scuffle with Daryl and one officer, Rick and the rest manage to round them all up. The officers then try to make a deal of how to get into the hospital and get the trade.

Beth manages to bargain her way with another patient to cause a distraction whilst she grabs some medicine from the cupboard. Beth manages to get the medicine successfully to Carol so hope is still their for her survival.

It becomes clear that Sasha is still having issues about Bob and is struggling to deal with his death. Tyreese tries to offer his support as she is becoming more torn up about it.

For some reason, the vicar thinks it will be a good idea to try and escape, which he proceeds to do by using the machete Carl gave him to pull up the floor boards to get underneath and out of the church. Not far away from the church a walker starts to attack the Reverend which he manages to throw off and impale on a branch on the floor. He picks up a rock and is just about to finish off the walker until he notices the walker is wearing a cross on a necklace, which he then can't bring himself to do it. 

Back to Ricks group and Sasha is talking to one of the captured cops about his past and he opens up about a colleague who was turned and is now not far outside the building they are holed up in. He explains about wanting to put him out of his misery now the colleague has been turned which Sasha ends up agreeing to do. She walks over to the window and is pointed towards the stricken walker. She then goes to turn back around to double check with the captured cop when he kicks her into the window knocking her unconscious while he makes his escape. Surely she should have seen this coming and not been so gullible (maybe dealing with Bob's death is clouding her judgement?)

This episode is much more about covering all of the groups in the same episode rather than only focusing on a few of them. This is much better as the story seems to be picking up pace and keeps us interested in what will happen next!

That's all for this week, and I will see you next Wednesday.