With the new series of The Walking Dead having just been released I thought it would be good to do a quick post about the new episode. 

We knew from the end of last season that most of the group find each other at Terminus and end up locked in the train carriage after thinking they had reached a safe refuge. We didn't really know what to expect, but it seemed like somehow they would escape. 

Carol and Tyreese who are caring for Judith come back in this episode, and are very close to Terminus. They find out about the deceit of the "community" of terminus who have turned to cannibalism to survive. Carol manages to pull off an explosive decoy allowing Rick and others to escape their death by inches. 

The interesting thing about the decoy was that carol uses a firework to spark the explosion...not the first thing you would grab in a zombie apocalypse?

The captured group manage to escape over the fence while being chased by flaming walkers, and manage to find Carol and Tyreese, to which Rick is besotted to finally be reunited with Judith. 

The episode ends with Rick scrubbing off the refuge sign outside Terminus to which it now reads 'No Sanctuary' hence the episode name. 

So to put it simply - Carol blows up the tank, the group escape being turned into dinner and they all reunite once again and head off into the woods. 

Until the next episode...see you next Wednesday!