Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 3

I must say this episode is a lot more tense than the previous two. The episode starts with Gareth and the other cannibals who used to run Terminus eating yet more of Bob's cooking leg, and they are holed up next to the safety of an elementary school. Bob soon lets on that he has actually been bitten by a 'walker' which panics the cannibals. 

Rick and the group become even more suspicious of the priest and force him to reveal his dark secret he has been trying to keep from them. It turns out the priest turned his back on his church community when they tried to come to the church for refuge. Bob is also returned to the group after he is dumped outside the church, and they soon learn of his infected status. I think we saw this coming as it was a matter of time before one of the group was bitten. 

The mood gets even more tense when Abraham makes the call to get back on the road to Washington yet Rick disagrees and says they are waiting for Carol and Daryl. A fight almost breaks out between the two until Glen breaks it up and helps them reach a compromise of leaving for Washington the next day. 

Rick and the group disappear off into the woods heading for the elementary school to retaliate against the Gareth and others, who are in fact on their way to the church. Both groups miss each other and the Terminus lot break into the church and corner the remainder of Ricks group in the back of the church. Unknown to the audience it was all planned as Rick and the others come back and surround Gareth and his group inside the church. They try and negotiate their release but Rick has none of it and takes a blade to slice up Gareth, and Ricks  fellow group proceed to bludgeon the other cannibals to death. 

The next day Abraham leaves in the repaired school bus for Washington with his group as well as Maggie, Glen and Tara who agreed to go along. Rick is left their route on a map with a note asking him to come to Washington when Daryl and Carol arrive back.

The episode ends with Michonne sitting outside the church at night and hears a sound in the woods nearby. As she goes to check it out Daryl appears from beneath the tree cover. There is a tense pause after Michonne asks where Carol is. Daryl then turns and says "Come on out" and the episode ends!

There has been clues towards Beth still being alive, and with the episode finishing without knowing who is with Daryl, it sparks confusion about who has come back with him. We will have to wait until next week to find out! See you then!


Halloween Makeup - Zombie

Hi Guys,

Thought I would do a post about Halloween makeup styles seen as we are less than a week away! My girlfriend wanted to try out some makeup styles for Halloween so I kindly agreed to be turned into a zombie. We are both big fans of The Walking Dead as you might have noticed from a couple of my other posts, so it seemed only right to try and recreate this 'Walker' style for Halloween. I hope you enjoy looking through my traumatic experience of being turned dead!

Stage 1

The first stage of the makeup was to use eyelash glue to stick on some tissue in different areas of my face. As you can see it doesn't look to scary right now but trust me it will build up soon enough. I must say this did feel a bit weird like my face was becoming a paper mache model. 

Stage 2

The next stage involved evening out my skin tone with foundation and powder. This also helped to turn the tissue into a more skin like colour so it looked more realistic. Still I admit it doesn't look that scary yet!

Stage 3

This stage involved blackening out of the eyes to make my eyes look more hollow. Grey powder was added to my face to give a more gaunt look to my face. This is where I start to look a bit more dead!

Stage 4

The final stage was adding more tissue around my mouth to make it look like my flesh was coming apart and like I had eaten a human like on The Walking Dead. A mixture of bright pink, bright red and deep purple lipsticks were used around the wounds and black eye shadow was used inside the wounds. She then added fake blood. The worst part about this stage was how itchy the blood was when it was dripping down my face!

Hope you enjoyed this Halloween look, we will have another Halloween post up soon!


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 2

Back in with this weeks episode, it starts off with the group walking through the woods, and at night Daryl and Carol notice something moving close to them, but in the morning can't find any trace of them or evidence that anyone was there. 

Next a scream for help is heard which turns out to be a pastor who they manage to rescue. Rick is suspicious of the pastor but proceeds to follow him to refuge in his church. Some stay at the church while Rick takes the Pastor and a few others to do a supply run, which runs them into some trouble with the walkers but they manage to escape unhurt with a decent amount of supplies. 

Daryl and Carol manage to find a car and give chase to another vehicle that speeds past. Sgt. Ford manages to convince Rick and the others to go to Washington to try and find the cure. The episode ends with Bob being captured by the survivors of Terminus who cut off his leg for food to carry on their cannibalistic ways! 

That's all for this week, check back next Wednesday.


Paris Travel Recommendations

Hi Guys, thought I would do a Paris post from when I went with my girlfriend in September. It's a little tour of the places we visited and where I think are the best places to go, I hope you enjoy it!

Notre Dame & The Love Lock Bridge (Pont des Arts)

One of the places we visited was Notre Dame and the Lock Lock Bridge. Notre Dame is a great place to go and see and is very picturesque. It's really nice to sit outside and its spectacular inside, although I didn't get any pics from the inside! Next to Notre Dame is the Love Lock Bridge which is a really romantic place to visit, if you like that kind of thing! It's still a great place for anyone to visit just to go and look at the sheer amount of locks attached to this bridge. People have long been having to attach locks to other locks, as me and Laura found it was impossible to find anywhere on the actual railings to lock it to. 

The Louvre 

 Another place we visited was the Louvre, which is really nice to sit outside the museum on a sunny day as well as walking up through the Tuileries Gardens and up to the Champs-Elysees. One tip if you are under 25 is that it is completely free to get into the museum. Once inside you do not have to queue up for a ticket as you can simply use your passport of ID to prove you are under 25 and this acts as your ticket. We did not find this out until we had queued up for tickets! It wasn't too expensive for adult tickets and is still well worth visiting. 

The Eiffel Tower

Obviously this is the iconic place to visit when you go to Paris. These are just a few shots of the Eiffel Tower from different places around Paris as well as from the top, as you can see it from many areas of the city. Lift tickets to get to the top were surprisingly cheap under 20 euros. We did go early to queue up and were only waiting for around 20 minutes to get in. Try and go on a sunny clear day as the views are spectacular and its a great way to see all the different areas of Paris. It also well worth waiting to see it lit up at night so try and stick around for that!

The Arc de Triomphe 

This is another great place to visit to get some great views of Paris. These are just a few pictures taken from the top and sorry about the slightly blurry photo 
of the Arc de Triomphe as it was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower! This is also free to visit if you are a student so make sure to take ID to prove your age! As you can probably tell from some of the photos we went up in the evening and managed to see an amazing sun set over Paris. 


 Just a quick mention about the macaron shop and restaurant that sell the most amazing sweet treats. These are just a few little macaron's that we picked up and would definately go back if we went again. If you are heading up the Champs-Elysees its on the left hand side near the Arc de Triomphe so you have no excuse for not passing it! If you can't afford the real thing McDonald's do them across the road for just over 1 euro.

Sacre Coeur

 This is a really nice place to visit to go and see the Church and it is well worth going inside to have a look at the design. You can also watch a service if they are on as well as lighting a candle for loved ones as we did. The view from outside I've uploaded shows the great view across Paris. There are also a lot of nice places to eat and we found a great little place near the square round the corner that did a 3 course meal for 19 euros and has the most amazing french soup! Check it out on tripadvisor here. Sorry about the slightly blurry photo of Sacre Coeur, I took it from the top of the Arc de Triomphe which is pretty far away!

Disneyland Paris

 Last but not least is the one place that you can never be too old or grown up to visit. We got a train out from Paris and there are many stations you can travel from within Paris for not too much. If you are planning a day trip here which I would definitely recommend, make sure you get there nice and early so you are ready to go in as soon as it opens. Also staying for the fireworks display in the evening just before the park shuts is a must, it was such a great display and went on for nearly half an hour. Make sure you find a seat with a good view of the castle in good time!

That's it for my Paris post, I hope its given you a few ideas of where to visit and that you liked the pictures!


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 1

With the new series of The Walking Dead having just been released I thought it would be good to do a quick post about the new episode. 

We knew from the end of last season that most of the group find each other at Terminus and end up locked in the train carriage after thinking they had reached a safe refuge. We didn't really know what to expect, but it seemed like somehow they would escape. 

Carol and Tyreese who are caring for Judith come back in this episode, and are very close to Terminus. They find out about the deceit of the "community" of terminus who have turned to cannibalism to survive. Carol manages to pull off an explosive decoy allowing Rick and others to escape their death by inches. 

The interesting thing about the decoy was that carol uses a firework to spark the explosion...not the first thing you would grab in a zombie apocalypse?

The captured group manage to escape over the fence while being chased by flaming walkers, and manage to find Carol and Tyreese, to which Rick is besotted to finally be reunited with Judith. 

The episode ends with Rick scrubbing off the refuge sign outside Terminus to which it now reads 'No Sanctuary' hence the episode name. 

So to put it simply - Carol blows up the tank, the group escape being turned into dinner and they all reunite once again and head off into the woods. 

Until the next episode...see you next Wednesday! 


50 Facts About Me Tag

1. I am 6ft 4" and tower above my girlfriend Laura at her measly 5ft 4". 

2. I am originally from Chesterfield, its near Sheffield if you have never heard of it.

3. I would love to own a GoPro Hero 4.

4. My favourite TV shows are Homeland, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad.

5. I can't wait for winter because I love snow.

6. I'm an Apple Geek.

7. I own a G-Shock Mudman watch which I literally wear for everything. 

8. I enjoy playing 5-a-side football with mates.

9. I own a Fuji S100FS bridge camera.

10. I would like to live on the coast, preferably close to Liverpool/Manchester. 

11. A hobby of mine is mountain biking and I own a custom built Cove Hustler.

12. This year I have been to Tenerife, Edinburgh, York, London, Lake District, Center Parcs, Liverpool, Majorca and Paris. 

13. My favourite food has to be pizza.

14. I study Geography BSc at Northumbria Uni in my final year.

15. I had never played on The Sims until Laura bought Sims 4.

16. I have huge size 12 feet. 

17. I'm a major chocolate fiend.

18. I can't think of a flavour of crisps I wouldn't eat. 

19. I'm a huge lover of The North Face.

20. My favourite restaurant is Jamie's Italian.

21. My favourite artists at the moment are Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Arctic Monkeys, Chase & Status. 

22. I have only ever been to 1 festival when I did Leeds 2013.

23. I've recently taken to watching vloggers with Laura.

24. I've always worn red tops since I was little, it's the colour my parents constantly put me in.

25. I have always loved the outdoors, I couldn't stay out of muddy puddles as a child. 

26. I would love to do a road trip around America.

27. KFC over McDonald's every time.

28. I'd love to have a career in environmental management.

29. I convinced Laura to start her blog and now she has turned the tables and done it to me!

30. I spend more time searching what to watch on Netflix than actually watching things. 

31. I support Sheffield Wednesday.

32. I had never been on a plane until I was 17. 

33. I am a bit of a perfectionist. 

34. I live in a flat with my girlfriend in Newcastle.

35. My favourite subject at school was Geography - no surprise there. 

36. As a child I used to be scared of loud noises such as balloons popping. 

37. I love my iPhone 5s but would love to own the iPhone 6.

38. I procrastinate by tidying.

39. As cold as it is, I would like to visit Antarctica. 

40. The car I wish to own in the future is a Toyota Hilux, i'm a big kid and like pick up trucks.

41. I once took my new Christmas wellies to bed with me because I was so excited to have new ones - don't worry I was about 5!

42. I want to do a skydive at some point in my life.

43. I'm into gaming on the PS3.

44. Not going to lie, it took me a while to get used to Laura's scouse accent. 

45. I've done work experience in Eastern Moors Partnership doing restoration and land management. 

46. I had never been to Nando's until I came to Uni.

47. If things such as phones hang over the edge of tables it really annoys me. 

48. I enjoy outdoor pursuits, still trying to convince Laura to go camping. 

49. I've just came back from a trip to Paris.

50. I have recently turned 21, I feel like i'm growing up too quickly. 


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