Photography Tips for Beginners

I thought I would do this post to give a few tips to the people who are starting up with photography like me. I have always had an interest in photography as my dad has always enjoyed it and has showed me his own tips over time. I will let you know about these and give some advice of what I have found since I have started taking photos with a proper camera.

The camera I own and have used for all these photos is a Fuji S100FS. It's a bridge camera but is the same size and has nearly all the functions of an SLR, such as complete manual override settings.

Night Photography - Newcastle Quayside

These are a couple of photos I took in Newcastle down at the quayside. The key for taking these kind of photos at night is to have a longer shutter speed so that the camera can capture more light. Because of this the camera needs to be more stable. These were taken without a tripod but I lent on the railings to balance myself. I know you might be thinking tripods are far too expensive, and so did I until I started looking for one. I purchased this tripod for £12 and I would highly recommend it for the price.

Animals - Edinburgh Zoo

Taking photos of animals can be quite tricky sometimes depending of what you are taking. One of the techniques I used was to change the colour setting to black and white for the Zebras to really make their unique colour pattern stand out. This can be done on most cameras and can make for an impressive photo. When taking the Panda photo it was through glass, which often happens when going to a zoo. My advice for this is to take the photo at an angle and also make sure no reflections because then its hard to tell the picture is through glass. The one key thing to remember is not to use flash when taking photos through glass because this will bounce straight back off the glass and ruin the photo. The Meerkat photo was a little more tricky to get because they move so quick! My tip here is to set a very fast shutter speed, sometimes there will be a specific setting for this so have a check on your camera. This will allow you to get the photo without it being blurry as they move.

Outfit Photos

This photo was taken for my girlfriend Laura for her blog so she could do outfit of the day posts. If you are taking these kinds of photos it is often nice to take them outside somewhere with a nice background to make the photo look better. I took it with Laura leaning of the bridge to give it another feature in the photo. The second photo was taken in Paris by the Louvre which gives a really nice background to the photo. In this photo a slightly higher f number is used to make Laura at the front of photo in focus as well as the background.

Capturing Movement - Water

This was taken in Jesmond Dene in Newcastle which isn't far out from the centre at all. This is the small waterfall along the river which are good features if you want to capture water movement. I was stood on a bridge to take this which was useful to lean on and balance while taking the photo because I didn't have my tripod at this point. I set a longer shutter speed here so the lens could capture the water movement enough to give it the 'milky' effect you can see. The longer the shutter speed the more milky it will be but this is when you probably will need a tripod.

Sport - Tour de France, Sheffield

I took these when the Tour de France came through Sheffield at the start of the tour. For the first photo I took a telephoto shot looking down at all the riders. A tip for doing this is to focus on the point where the subject of the photo will be and wait for the it to come into this point. So for the first photo of all the riders I focused on the ground where they I wanted to take the photo and then took it as the riders crossed this point. The second photo was taken very close up as one of the riders passed me. To get this movement effect I focused on the rider further down and panned with the rider as he came past me and took it when he was nearly level with me. This is how to get the effect of movement with the subject in focus and the background blurry.

Fireworks - Majorca

Taking pictures of fireworks can often be tricky as you might end up with blurry photos because the camera has to open up the lens to let more light in. To help with this problem, you can change the ISO setting to a higher number. This will help when taking photos in the dark. This can make the photo a little 'grainy' but it allows to get a photo of things at night. Either a tripod or something to lean on will also help here. I also used a bit of the foreground when taking the photo because this means it will help to balance out the light in the photo.

Wide Angle Landscape - Majorca and Paris

This was taken on the shore in Majorca look back across a small beach area. When taking a wide angle shot with a lot of distance between the front of the photo and the far part of the photo the aperture setting needs changing to a higher f number. The brightness of the photo can also be adjusted so that one part of the photo doesn't affect another part. This is why it is possible to see the detail of rocks below the water at the front of the shot and detail on the top of the hill at the back. The second photo was taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe just as the sun is setting. To get the sunset in shot without it turning the rest of the photo dark, be sure not to focus around the sun. You can also adjust the brightness to make sure all parts of the photo are correctly shown up.

Landmarks - Paris

When taking photos of big landmarks I find its a good idea to include other features in the photo to make the photo more interesting. For the photo of Notre Dame I took it so it was off centre and also included the bridge and the river going to the left. Also try to balance what is in the photo at the top and the bottom of the photo so there isn't loads of space in one area. For the Tour de Eiffel photo I did the same thing by offsetting the Eiffel Tower and capturing a view of the rest of the city. A tip for taking these kinds of photos is to focus on the subject in the photo (in this case the Eiffel Tower) and while still focusing, move the camera to offset the subject and include more background. This will then keep the subject in focus while allowing it not to be right in the centre of the photo.

I hope these tips have helped, I have tried to show a range of photo types to help you if you aren't sure when taking pictures. If you have any questions comment down below or tweet me @andymsmithblog.


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 8

So this is the final episode of this year so this mid season finale was going to have some drama! So at the end of the last episode we saw Sasha being kicked into the window and knocked out by Officer Lamson which he then makes his escape. This episode carries on from this point with him running while his hands are still tied. He manages to run outside but is soon chased down by Rick in the police car who is telling him to stop which Lamson doesn't do. This ends badly for him as Rick hits him with the cruiser breaking Lamson's back and is then executed with a shot to the head from Rick. Now Rick means serious business and will not take being stabbed in the back.

Gabriel comes across Bob's burnt leg now crawling with maggots from when the Terminus (now dead) group were here. He is then forced into the trees as walkers escape from the building he is next to. Gabriel flees back to the Church that he had previously escaped from and tries to get back in but is trapped outside the front doors, until Michonne breaks down the door from the inside. They are all forced to the back room and then escape the same way that Gabriel also used. 

Beth is still being forced to clean in the hospital, but starts to ask questions about a photo that Dawn has in her office and she is told that respect is the key to being a good officer, which raises some suspicions with Beth. 

Michonne, Carl and Gabriel are about to be attacked by the walkers trying to escape from the church until Abraham blocks the entrance with the fire truck he and the others turn up in. Maggie finds out that Beth is still alive in the hospital and is obviously happy about this news. 

Switching back to Beth, she is upset at the fact that some of the officers in the hospital are dealing out unfair treatment of some patients which Dawn appears to ignore. Dawn comes back by saying she is the one that is protecting Beth and reminds her that she kept quiet Beth's involvement in her colleagues death. Another one of her officers comes down the corridor and threatens to reveal the secret about Beth's behaviour. He and Dawn end up scrapping and he is forced back, off balance in front of the lift shaft, which Dawn calls out for Beth's help to which she pushes him down the open shaft. 

Back over to Rick's group and they have set up so they can talk to two of Dawn's collegues. Daryl, Tyreese a Sasha provide over-watch from the rooftop with the officers in the sights of their rifles. Rick converses the plan for the exchange and asks for the officers to contact Dawn. The exchange is now on!

Beth, pushing Carol in a wheelchair are walked down to one end of the corridor guarded by the officers. Unknown to the officers, Beth has hidden a pair of scissors on her person, what does she intend to do with these? Rick's group bring in the two captured officers for the exchange and both groups lower their weapons. Firstly Carol is swapped for one officer to gain each others trust. Now Beth is walked forward by Dawn to exchange. Dawn has also demanded the return of Noah which after arguments, he volunteers himself to return to the hospital to prevent further confrontation. Beth then turns to Dawn and says "I get it now" shortly before stabbing the pair of scissors into Dawn shoulder. Either out of surprise or intent, Dawn then shoots Beth in the head, which seems like she had planned to kill Beth all along. 

Not a second later and Daryl has put a bullet through Dawn's head and guns are raised on both sides. An officer calls out for calm as no one else should have to die. Understandably Rick's group are deeply upset at the Beth's unexpected death, yet still lower their weapons followed by the officers. Rick and his group turn and head out of the hospital to find Glenn, Maggie and the others walking up to the hospital. The group walk out the hospital completely grief-stricken which Maggie starts to wonder what is wrong. Her worst fears are confirmed when Daryl walks out carrying the Beth's lifeless body in his arms. Maggie collapses to the ground as she cannot cope with this horrible end to a long day. 

The episode ends with Morgan, who we first saw near the start of The Walking Dead. He stumbles upon the church, which is now clear of walkers. He finds the map that Abraham left for Rick, asking him to come to Washington. Morgan realises he must be close to finding Rick which inspires him to continue!

That's it for this episodes round up! Now its the mid season break we have to wait until February next year to find out what happens. I hope you have enjoyed my round ups so far and I will see you in February when we get The Walking Dead back!


Fifteen Festive Favourites!

Thank you Charlotte for tagging me in this. Here's my 15 Festive Favourites, Enjoy! 

1. Favourite  Festive Food
I'm going to have to say Chocolate Yule Log. It's like guilt free chocolate heaven!

2. Favourite Reindeer

I would have to say 'Comet' because surely it means he is the quickest?

3. Favourite day from the 12 Days of Christmas

Going to have to say '5 Gold Rings' for this one, because who doesn't want Gold at Christmas?

4. Favourite Christmas Song

I have always loved the Slade song 'Merry Christmas Everybody' because its a classic and it's always the first one i'd put on.

5. Favourite Christmas Present

As funny as it sounds I had wanted a The North Face bag for ages and finally got bought one by my girlfriend. I'm not going to lie, I was like a child when I unwrapped it and saw what it was.

6. Favourite Christmas Film
It has to be ELF hands down. I do have to admit that I haven't seen Home Alone before...shameful I know. 

7. Favourite Cracker Toy

I'm going to go for the mini tape measures as these seen to be the only useful thing in them! 

8. Favourite Cracker Joke

Why does Father Christmas have 3 gardens? So he can Ho, Ho Ho!

9. Favourite Christmas Decoration

A Christmas Pudding with a moustache that I bought this year. It's just comical.

10. Favourite Candle Scent
Although I don't own candles my girlfriend has loads of Yankee Candles and I happen to like the Snowflake Cookie one.

11. Favourite Christmas Advert

It's going to have to with the Coca Cola advert as this always seems to signal the start of Christmas!

12. Favourite Christmas Tradition

As long as I can remember me and my family always go out on Christmas Eve for a festive walk then go for a nice pub tea.

13. Favourite Place to Spend Christmas

I have always spent my Christmas at home with my family.

14. Favourite Christmas Fact

All the gifts in the 12 Days of Christmas would equal 364 gifts!

15. Favourite Snowman Accessory

A snowman could never be complete without a carrot for a nose!

I hope you liked my Christmas tag, feel free to try it out and tweet me yours!


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 7

This episode starts with the group at the church barricading up the building using various parts of the church such as the organ tubes and wood from the seats. Rick goes with Tyreese, Sasha and Daryl following Noah to go and find Beth and Carol. The rest of the group stay at the church and barricade themselves inside. The priest then starts to scratch and wipe the floor for some unknown reason.

The scene then changes to the hospital where Beth has been tasked to mop the floors and she uses this opportunity to go into Carol to see how she is doing. The doctor then comes in to check on Carol (which is shown to be hooked up to machines due to being unconscious). Beth has to leave at this point as not to arouse suspicion that she knows Carol.

Another switch of scenes over to Abraham's group displaying his violent nature by hitting away a bottle of water offered to him then standing up pumping his chest out until Maggie draws her pistol threatening to put him down if he doesn't back down, which lucky for him he decides to do. 

Back to Ricks group and he is making plans to try and rescue Beth and Carol, he suggests an ambush attack on the hospital yet Tyreese steps up and offers his less violent option of luring a couple of cops out to them make a trade with Dawn for Beth and Carol. Daryl agrees with Tyreese and Rick gets knocked back which he isn't happy about although its nice to see Tyreese putting his point across. 

While all this is going on the Reverend is still scrubbing the floors which becomes apparent that he is trying to clear up the blood of the late cannibals. Carl starts trying to give the Reverend tips about protecting himself and offers him a machete. The Reverend decides the thought of killing someone (or something, being a walker) is too much and retreats to the back room to 'have a lie down'. This appears later on not to be what he has planned.

Dawn agrees with her college about not wasting any more resources on keeping Carol alive and she orders him to go and turn off the support machines she is hooked up to. Surprisingly after Beth expresses concern for letting Carol die, Dawn gives Beth the key to the medicine cupboard to try and save Carol now she has been unplugged from the machines. 

Switching now to Abraham and the group, Maggie has created some shade for Eugine seen as he is laid directly in the sun unconscious. The tension between Abraham and the rest is still evident. 

Back to the hospital and Beth goes to ask the doctor what medication he would give Carol to help her survive which he eventually gives over after anger that he is never given the key himself. Unknown to Beth the group are on their way to try and rescue her and Carol.

Noah starts shooting around a mile away from the hospital to attract the attention of the police officers which they soon come out to investigate. They catch up with Noah and unknowingly into an ambush by the rest of the group. They manage to capture the two cops until another officer comes driving from another direction who manages to rescue his two colleagues. This doesn't get them far as Sasha manages to shoot out a tyre on the car. They manage to catch up with the officers not far away and after a bit of a scuffle with Daryl and one officer, Rick and the rest manage to round them all up. The officers then try to make a deal of how to get into the hospital and get the trade.

Beth manages to bargain her way with another patient to cause a distraction whilst she grabs some medicine from the cupboard. Beth manages to get the medicine successfully to Carol so hope is still their for her survival.

It becomes clear that Sasha is still having issues about Bob and is struggling to deal with his death. Tyreese tries to offer his support as she is becoming more torn up about it.

For some reason, the vicar thinks it will be a good idea to try and escape, which he proceeds to do by using the machete Carl gave him to pull up the floor boards to get underneath and out of the church. Not far away from the church a walker starts to attack the Reverend which he manages to throw off and impale on a branch on the floor. He picks up a rock and is just about to finish off the walker until he notices the walker is wearing a cross on a necklace, which he then can't bring himself to do it. 

Back to Ricks group and Sasha is talking to one of the captured cops about his past and he opens up about a colleague who was turned and is now not far outside the building they are holed up in. He explains about wanting to put him out of his misery now the colleague has been turned which Sasha ends up agreeing to do. She walks over to the window and is pointed towards the stricken walker. She then goes to turn back around to double check with the captured cop when he kicks her into the window knocking her unconscious while he makes his escape. Surely she should have seen this coming and not been so gullible (maybe dealing with Bob's death is clouding her judgement?)

This episode is much more about covering all of the groups in the same episode rather than only focusing on a few of them. This is much better as the story seems to be picking up pace and keeps us interested in what will happen next!

That's all for this week, and I will see you next Wednesday.


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 6

The episode starts with Carol driving which then changes to her stopped crying at the wheel of the car, until she is forced to drive on when a walker starts attacking the car. She stops for the night in the safety of a building seeming still lonely and upset. This starts to become clear that the episode will revolve around Carol's problems through survival. 

Daryl and Carol are then in the car pursuing the hospital car which turns out to being driven by the police officers, which they find out when it pulls up at a small town. The police don't notice their presence and drive off, which Daryl and Carol can't do as they have now run out of fuel. Carol leads the way to a block of sheltered housing nearby which she has been to previously, and then sneak in just in time before a large group of walkers get to them.

They start to get settled until they hear a sound which turns out to be a group of walkers, which is a mother and her children. Daryl tells Carol she doesn't have to kill them and that he would do it. There is a flashback of burying Lizzie and Mika from previous episodes after she sees Daryl burning the bodies of the family walkers he had to kill. It is becoming apparent that the guilt Carol is feeling is starting to get overwhelming. 

The next day Carol and Daryl manage to get into a high rise building to get a better view. They notice a hospital van in the distance which is hanging over the edge of a bridge. Noah, who escaped from the hospital has been following the two of them and manages to surprise them and steal Carol's rifle and Daryl's crossbow. Not long after when Noah has escaped a 'Treating Survivors of Child Abuse' book falls out of Carol's bag which further adds to the guilt. 

Carol and Daryl manage to reach the van, which is very precariously perched on the edge, They carefully climb in to search it but are soon surrounded by walkers. They end up strapping into the van and decide the best idea is to get the walkers to push the van over the edge to try and escape. Finally the van goes over the edge (somehow landing on its wheels) which is soon followed by 5 or 6 walkers falling onto the van. Daryl and Carol manage to escape and carry on towards the hospital. 

They find a spot from another building to observe the hospital from a closer distance. They are soon distracted by a sounds of movement which they find to be a walkers pinned to the wall with one of Daryl's arrows. Gunshots follow confirming Noah is close. They run towards the gunshots and find Noah struggling with a walker, with one of the walkers attacking Carol which Daryl soon takes care of. He then sprints after Noah finding him trying to shift a bookcase to barricade himself in. He doesn't manage it and Daryl tackles him into the bookcase which then falls and traps Noah. Daryl wants to leave him to the mercy of an approaching walker yet changes his mind at the last minute. 

Noah points out the police officers driving round who are after him and then lets on he has escaped from the hospital and he knows Beth. The three of them try to escape across the road to a secure basement, but Carol ends up being run over by the police car. They take her in the back of the car and drive off to the hospital which leads onto the previous episode of Carol being wheeled into the hospital.  Noah has to stop Daryl trying to prevent Carol from being taken away, and the pair end up grabbing a lorry and driving off, presumably back to the rest of the group to report back which also links to the end of the previous episode with Daryl coming out the bushes with someone.

That's it for this week, with the episode being centered on Carol's struggles. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next week!


Casio G-SHOCK Mudman Watch Review

Thought I would do a review of my Casio G-SHOCK Mudman watch seen as I have had it for a year now and its had some use. I absolutely love this watch and can wear it for literally anything from mountain biking to swimming to an everyday watch. It has got loads of different features which can come in useful, some more often than others.

The features of this watch:
1. Time, date and day display
2. Digital seconds display
3. Moon data
4. Stopwatch
5. Countdown Timer
6. Alarms
7. Compass and Thermometer 
8. World Time
9. Back-lit Display
10. Solar Powered
11. Waterproof to 20BAR (200 Metres)

The Design
The face of this watch is very chunky and rugged so bear this in mind if you are looking at buying one. Personally I like it being like this because this is what G-SHOCK's are all about and it can take knocks and scrapes over and over again. The material is a solid design and doesn't mark easily so you don't have to worry about when you are wearing it. The control button's on the watch are large and easy to press even with gloves on which is great. One of the great features is that it's solar powered so will never run out of battery! (as long as you keep it in the light sometimes) There is a battery level indicator in the center of the dial for either high, medium or low, although it has always remained on high since I have had it so it keeps it charge well.

Main Display
This is the main display of the watch with the time being interchangeable between 12hr and 24hr. The date can also be changed to display an alternative world time for a different city. It also has a digital second counter which is in the compass direction dial when this compass feature is not being used. Also on the main display is a moon data function that indicates the current moon phase to help show whether the night will be lighter or darker from moonlight. There is also a back-light that can be activated via the 'Light' button shown in the below picture.

Compass Feature and Thermometer
This feature is very easily activated with the 'Comp' button on the side of the watch. This displays a degree reading to indicate direction as well as a the compass dial indicating direction which the watch is facing. This can be a very useful feature especially if you use it for walking etc. as it will allow you to find your way back if you get lost or just to use to navigate your way around. Where the day is normally displayed now gives a compass direction such as NE (North East). As well as the compass data being displayed the temperature is also displayed where the date normally is. One thing to be mindful of is if you want a more accurate temperature reading take the watch off your wrist for a little bit before hand so that the heat from your wrist doesn't affect the reading.

Other Features
The stopwatch function is another mode that allows for the stopwatch to count up to 1000 hours (not that many people need to time this long). You can also leave this running while returning to the main display, although the time is displayed where the date normally is on the home screen so that you can stay on the stopwatch function while being able to view the current time. A countdown timer is another feature that allows you to set the hours and minutes that you want to countdown from, and the watch emits a high pitch beep when the timer is done. The alarms feature allows for up to 4 normal alarms to be set, as well as a snooze alarm and a signal alarm. The signal alarm allows for a countdown in seconds that once it reaches zero it beeps and then resets to the countdown time and starts counting down again. This could come in useful for repeating actions needed to be done a repeating intervals. The last is the world time feature which allows for you to view the current time across all the different cities. You can also set another cities time as your secondary time if you need to quickly view it.

Control Buttons and Strap
The buttons on the side of the watch as I have previously mentioned are large and easy to press. They have a durable rubbery cover and a hard plastic casing around the edges. The 5 buttons on the watch are Adjust, Mode, Light, Comp and Search. The strap is also a solid construction and is chunky and durable, and as it shows on the strap it is mud resistant. I can safely say it stands up to getting dirty and cleans up very easily. The watch is also completely waterproof to 20BAR (200 metres) which I have tested through using it in a swimming pool and in the sea many times and it stood up to it completely fine. The buckle is a solid metal buckle with a rubber loop to hold the excess strap which holds the watch strongly on your wrist which is exactly what you want for a watch like this.

To some up this watch is an all round solid and well built watch that you can be worn for pretty much anything. I wear mine as an everyday watch as well as for activities such as mountain biking and swimming. I love wearing this watch and the chunky and robust appearance it has, as well as it being a renowned name for great watches. I would highly recommend this watch for its durability and may features it comes with and I think its worth every penny because it will last for years.

I hope you liked this review of my Casio G-SHOCK Mudman.


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 5


The episode starts with Abraham driving the bus, with Maggie, Glenn and the others talking to Eugene about what will happen and how long it will take when they reach DC to combat the virus. A mention of missiles is asked but Eugene responds with the 'its classified' line.

Abraham loses control of the bus after it starts kicking out smoke and ends up crashing the bus, flipping it onto its side. A flash back occurs of Abraham beating to death someone with a tin can, with a line of bodies scattered behind in a supermarket. The scene then reverts back to the group climbing out the truck which they end up fighting off the walkers. This is followed by the bus catching fire and Abraham insists that they carry on towards DC. Again another flashback of Abraham calling out for someone which he then finds, a woman with two children, his family, who look distressed and scared at his presence.

Back to reality and the group have found refuge in a library and make themselves a fire using books as fuel and then barricading themselves in with the bookshelves. Later that night Eugene is caught by Tara spying on Abraham and Rosita having sex, which it appears they are used to Eugene watching. He then admits to Tara that he put crushed glass in the bus's engine to try and damage the bus because he is scared of not being able to 'save the world'. 

A flashback of Abraham trying to assure his family that they will be okay yet they look distressed and scared of him, not helped by his bloodied hands. Back in the present, Maggie and Glenn have a heart to heart about how they are happy to still have each other. 

The next morning a fire truck is found across the street which Abraham points out how much water will be contained in it. They manage to get the truck started yet it only moves a few feet, which ends up being due to a clogged air filter. Walkers then start to come from the fire station which the group struggle to kill, until Eugene sees them off using the powerful water hose on the fire truck.

The group then smells a stench to which they discover is an old slaughterhouse which has become overrun by walkers. Abraham again insists they must and can get through the crowd of walkers, and grabs Eugene to keep walking towards DC. Glenn tries to stop him and an argument ensues. Eugene ends up stopping the argument by admitting he is not a scientist and that he used this as an excuse to try to get to DC. He says he believes this is the best chance of survival. Eugene tries to explain but this is cut short by Abraham attacking him and Abraham knocks him out.

The last scene in this episode is a flashback of Abraham finding the bodies of his family that have been devoured by walkers. Now he has nothing left and he puts his gun in his mouth and is just about to pull the trigger when a voice calls out for help behind him. The voice is Eugene being chased by 3 walkers, which Abraham soon kills and then turns back to walk away. Eugene then calls out saying Abraham can't leave, which he questions. Eugene replies claiming his has a very important mission.

This episode is very much based around Abraham and what his past contains and explains some of how he has survived. 

That's all for this week, I will see you next Wednesday for the next episode.


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 4

This episode takes a twist in the story with the re-introduction of Beth into the plot. The episode starts with Beth waking up in a memorial hospital after a long time being there. It turns out she was rescued by some police officers shortly before being bitten by a walker. Since then Beth has been receiving treatment at the hospital and now that she is awake she is ordered by the female head police officer (Dawn) to carry out jobs to pay back for the treatment she has received. 

Beth soon becomes mutual with Dr. Edwards who is the only Doctor on the ward and explains how things work in the hospital which he demonstrates when he switches a lifeless patient off life support machine and then proceeds to tip his body down into the elevator shaft. The male police officer that helped rescue Beth tries to make a move on Beth but she stands her ground.

A patient is brought in that had fallen from a 1st floor building which the Dr. Edwards believes is a waste of resources to try and save. One of Dawns colleagues mutters something in her area to which she orders the Doctor to save the patient but he is only able to stabilize him. Another new patient is brought in with a bite of their arm which needs amputating immediately. Beth goes to get new clothes after hers got covered in blood from helping with the amputation. She meets Noah who also works on the ward and lets Beth know he is trying to escape. 

Dr. Edwards asks Beth to give a patient a top up of medication of the patient the Dawn insisted on saving, but he tells her the wrong medication. This causes the patient to have seizures and then he dies, for which Noah takes the blame saying he must have knocked the power cable for the support machine, for which he receives a beating. 

Beth goes into Dawn office to steal the elevator key so that Noah and her can escape. Beth finds the key but also finds the amputee patient dead on the office floor. Dawns male colleague confronts Beth about stealing the key and offers to 'work something out' so he doesn't report Beth. She bluffs him into thinking she will do it but then smashes a glass over his head which leaves him at the mercy of the, now turned patient, not without taking his pistol. Beth goes up the corridor and tells Dawn her colleague is in her office looking for her. 

Noah and Beth take this chance and manage to escape down the elevator shaft and get to the basement. Beth shoots her way out of the basement and takes out some more in the car park. Dawns officers manage to catch Beth in the car park and cuff her, yet Noah manages to escape which Beth is happy about. 

When back in the ward Beth has a heated argument with Dawn and then goes on to confront Dr. Edwards about deliberately getting her to administer the wrong medication. He admits this saying its only to protect his own back as the only Doctor there. The episode ends with Beth walking down the corridor hiding scissors out of view and then notices a new patient being brought in...its Carol!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks round up, I will see you for next Wednesday for the next episode!


Realities of Living With a Fashion & Beauty Blogger

I thought it might be a fun post to give a Boyfriends point of view to what its like living with Laura and what its like for me with all the clothes, shoes and makeup!

One of the things I have noticed is the amount of times I have answered the door to take parcels of what is often makeup or beauty products she has been sent to review. Every time, I think I might have a surprise parcel which turns out to be another one of Laura's deliveries. Another thing related to this is the amount of times I have been dragged down to the Collection Office to pick up numerous parcels that were tried to be delivered when were out. I'm sure they recognize the two of us whenever we go now because of the amount of times we have been in there! 

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! The sheer amount of shoes has seems crazy to me at a total of 63, I mean how many pairs of shoes does a girl really need? She has two boxes full of shoes beneath her bed plus shoes on the shoe rack. And she takes over most of the shoe rack which leaves me with a few shelves to squeeze mine on. The bad thing is she doesn't even have all of the 63 pairs in our flat so I don't know how we will fit the rest of them in. The funny thing is while I have been writing this post, she has just sent me a link to a new pair of heels she likes the look of. If shoe addiction was possible, i'm pretty sure Laura would have it!

Of course Laura believes that if she has that many shoes, that you need a large number of clothes to make outfits that will suit the shoes. Laura has her own cupboard in her room plus 3 small drawers, as well as 2 drawers in my room and a whole rail of other clothes. Oh and the two drawers in my room are pretty much full of pajamas. I mean I have like 2 or 3 sets of PJ's, what is it with girls needing so many more pairs! As a boyfriend, you would think that there is always going to be a choice of outfits to wear each day...this is not true. Rather a few times when she has asked to "just pick her something out to wear" and the first 5 choices I make aren't quite right, I guess my fashion sense isn't up to the right standard.

Finally onto makeup. Last year Laura's makeup took its place on top of my clothes drawers all stood up on its own. This soon became a pain as whenever you tried to pick something up about 10 other things would fall over in a domino effect. Thankfully this year she has purchased some of the acrylic makeup storage which is something even I can say is worth the money! Also, I can't seem to get my head round the amount of makeup brushes needed, like they all look the same to me?! Laura also has a stack of makeup palettes on her table, although to be fair she has been sent most of these through blogging. I just don't know when this pile of makeup supplies will not get any higher. It is just me being male that I don't understand this or do girls really need this many different makeup things? Let me know your thoughts.

Before Laura got her Olympus Pen, I offered to help take some of Laura's photos that she needs for her blog, especially outfit posts which she needs a hand with. I do enjoy doing these photos due to my interest in photography, so doing it to help Laura out is actually quite fun for me.

Even though she has so many clothes, a ridiculous amount of shoes and stacks of makeup and accessories, I do love her to bits and wouldn't change her for the world!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought it would be good to give a different perspective into the life of a fashion and beauty blogger. 


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 3

I must say this episode is a lot more tense than the previous two. The episode starts with Gareth and the other cannibals who used to run Terminus eating yet more of Bob's cooking leg, and they are holed up next to the safety of an elementary school. Bob soon lets on that he has actually been bitten by a 'walker' which panics the cannibals. 

Rick and the group become even more suspicious of the priest and force him to reveal his dark secret he has been trying to keep from them. It turns out the priest turned his back on his church community when they tried to come to the church for refuge. Bob is also returned to the group after he is dumped outside the church, and they soon learn of his infected status. I think we saw this coming as it was a matter of time before one of the group was bitten. 

The mood gets even more tense when Abraham makes the call to get back on the road to Washington yet Rick disagrees and says they are waiting for Carol and Daryl. A fight almost breaks out between the two until Glen breaks it up and helps them reach a compromise of leaving for Washington the next day. 

Rick and the group disappear off into the woods heading for the elementary school to retaliate against the Gareth and others, who are in fact on their way to the church. Both groups miss each other and the Terminus lot break into the church and corner the remainder of Ricks group in the back of the church. Unknown to the audience it was all planned as Rick and the others come back and surround Gareth and his group inside the church. They try and negotiate their release but Rick has none of it and takes a blade to slice up Gareth, and Ricks  fellow group proceed to bludgeon the other cannibals to death. 

The next day Abraham leaves in the repaired school bus for Washington with his group as well as Maggie, Glen and Tara who agreed to go along. Rick is left their route on a map with a note asking him to come to Washington when Daryl and Carol arrive back.

The episode ends with Michonne sitting outside the church at night and hears a sound in the woods nearby. As she goes to check it out Daryl appears from beneath the tree cover. There is a tense pause after Michonne asks where Carol is. Daryl then turns and says "Come on out" and the episode ends!

There has been clues towards Beth still being alive, and with the episode finishing without knowing who is with Daryl, it sparks confusion about who has come back with him. We will have to wait until next week to find out! See you then!


Halloween Makeup - Zombie

Hi Guys,

Thought I would do a post about Halloween makeup styles seen as we are less than a week away! My girlfriend wanted to try out some makeup styles for Halloween so I kindly agreed to be turned into a zombie. We are both big fans of The Walking Dead as you might have noticed from a couple of my other posts, so it seemed only right to try and recreate this 'Walker' style for Halloween. I hope you enjoy looking through my traumatic experience of being turned dead!

Stage 1

The first stage of the makeup was to use eyelash glue to stick on some tissue in different areas of my face. As you can see it doesn't look to scary right now but trust me it will build up soon enough. I must say this did feel a bit weird like my face was becoming a paper mache model. 

Stage 2

The next stage involved evening out my skin tone with foundation and powder. This also helped to turn the tissue into a more skin like colour so it looked more realistic. Still I admit it doesn't look that scary yet!

Stage 3

This stage involved blackening out of the eyes to make my eyes look more hollow. Grey powder was added to my face to give a more gaunt look to my face. This is where I start to look a bit more dead!

Stage 4

The final stage was adding more tissue around my mouth to make it look like my flesh was coming apart and like I had eaten a human like on The Walking Dead. A mixture of bright pink, bright red and deep purple lipsticks were used around the wounds and black eye shadow was used inside the wounds. She then added fake blood. The worst part about this stage was how itchy the blood was when it was dripping down my face!

Hope you enjoyed this Halloween look, we will have another Halloween post up soon!


Walking Dead Wednesday - Episode 2

Back in with this weeks episode, it starts off with the group walking through the woods, and at night Daryl and Carol notice something moving close to them, but in the morning can't find any trace of them or evidence that anyone was there. 

Next a scream for help is heard which turns out to be a pastor who they manage to rescue. Rick is suspicious of the pastor but proceeds to follow him to refuge in his church. Some stay at the church while Rick takes the Pastor and a few others to do a supply run, which runs them into some trouble with the walkers but they manage to escape unhurt with a decent amount of supplies. 

Daryl and Carol manage to find a car and give chase to another vehicle that speeds past. Sgt. Ford manages to convince Rick and the others to go to Washington to try and find the cure. The episode ends with Bob being captured by the survivors of Terminus who cut off his leg for food to carry on their cannibalistic ways! 

That's all for this week, check back next Wednesday.


Paris Travel Recommendations

Hi Guys, thought I would do a Paris post from when I went with my girlfriend in September. It's a little tour of the places we visited and where I think are the best places to go, I hope you enjoy it!

Notre Dame & The Love Lock Bridge (Pont des Arts)

One of the places we visited was Notre Dame and the Lock Lock Bridge. Notre Dame is a great place to go and see and is very picturesque. It's really nice to sit outside and its spectacular inside, although I didn't get any pics from the inside! Next to Notre Dame is the Love Lock Bridge which is a really romantic place to visit, if you like that kind of thing! It's still a great place for anyone to visit just to go and look at the sheer amount of locks attached to this bridge. People have long been having to attach locks to other locks, as me and Laura found it was impossible to find anywhere on the actual railings to lock it to. 

The Louvre 

 Another place we visited was the Louvre, which is really nice to sit outside the museum on a sunny day as well as walking up through the Tuileries Gardens and up to the Champs-Elysees. One tip if you are under 25 is that it is completely free to get into the museum. Once inside you do not have to queue up for a ticket as you can simply use your passport of ID to prove you are under 25 and this acts as your ticket. We did not find this out until we had queued up for tickets! It wasn't too expensive for adult tickets and is still well worth visiting. 

The Eiffel Tower

Obviously this is the iconic place to visit when you go to Paris. These are just a few shots of the Eiffel Tower from different places around Paris as well as from the top, as you can see it from many areas of the city. Lift tickets to get to the top were surprisingly cheap under 20 euros. We did go early to queue up and were only waiting for around 20 minutes to get in. Try and go on a sunny clear day as the views are spectacular and its a great way to see all the different areas of Paris. It also well worth waiting to see it lit up at night so try and stick around for that!

The Arc de Triomphe 

This is another great place to visit to get some great views of Paris. These are just a few pictures taken from the top and sorry about the slightly blurry photo 
of the Arc de Triomphe as it was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower! This is also free to visit if you are a student so make sure to take ID to prove your age! As you can probably tell from some of the photos we went up in the evening and managed to see an amazing sun set over Paris. 


 Just a quick mention about the macaron shop and restaurant that sell the most amazing sweet treats. These are just a few little macaron's that we picked up and would definately go back if we went again. If you are heading up the Champs-Elysees its on the left hand side near the Arc de Triomphe so you have no excuse for not passing it! If you can't afford the real thing McDonald's do them across the road for just over 1 euro.

Sacre Coeur

 This is a really nice place to visit to go and see the Church and it is well worth going inside to have a look at the design. You can also watch a service if they are on as well as lighting a candle for loved ones as we did. The view from outside I've uploaded shows the great view across Paris. There are also a lot of nice places to eat and we found a great little place near the square round the corner that did a 3 course meal for 19 euros and has the most amazing french soup! Check it out on tripadvisor here. Sorry about the slightly blurry photo of Sacre Coeur, I took it from the top of the Arc de Triomphe which is pretty far away!

Disneyland Paris

 Last but not least is the one place that you can never be too old or grown up to visit. We got a train out from Paris and there are many stations you can travel from within Paris for not too much. If you are planning a day trip here which I would definitely recommend, make sure you get there nice and early so you are ready to go in as soon as it opens. Also staying for the fireworks display in the evening just before the park shuts is a must, it was such a great display and went on for nearly half an hour. Make sure you find a seat with a good view of the castle in good time!

That's it for my Paris post, I hope its given you a few ideas of where to visit and that you liked the pictures!