Friday, 2 December 2016

Things I Forgot About Until Christmas

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone and that we are in December all ready. What even happened to the year? I have a lot of birthdays in my family in the last few months of the year so I don't really think about Christmas until all of these are out the way. Now we are into December it's time to properly start sorting things for the Christmas period. I've actually got some of my presents bought and wrapped this year which is really impressive an organised for me. The Christmas adverts have been out for a few weeks now and there are so many deals flying round it's easy to get tired of seeing it all and forgetting about what to sort out before the big day. These are a few of the things that seem to slip my mind until we get close to the festive period.

Amount of Cards

It's not like a birthday where you are just buying a card for one person. This season you have to get ones for all the family members, extended family (that normally get a generic card from a multi-pack) partners & their families and the list goes on and on. One of the best things to do is to get them sorted early as the queues in the card shop can get unbearable nearer the time.

Wrapping Presents

I have been guilty of leaving this to the very last minute (you are talking late night on xmas eve) and it's kinda stressful. I always thought that it would be a quick and easy job to wrap a few presents. This turned out not to be the case and let's just say it was a lesson learned. This year I've tried to wrap presents as I've bought them so I don't have to do the whole lot in one go.

How Much It Will Cost

It's the one time of year that you have to buy presents for everyone at the same time and it can start totaling up pretty quickly. At this point you probably also start to remember extra people that you need to buy for which will start adding to your spends this month. Something to try and do in buy in the run up to Christmas so that is doesn't all come out a once.

Having Everything You Need

It's probably happened to most of us, you sit down to go and wrap your presents and you suddenly realise you are missing sellotape and you've only got enough paper to wrap a box of chocolates. That important phrase 'preparation is key' springs to mind when you put your head in your hands. Another one that seems to happen every year is that the Christmas lights never seem to work properly (testing before you put them up seems to save you time).

Christmas Songs

They are a great way to get into the festive mood and you will start to hear them all of the TV and radio. There are so many songs out there with a lot of the classics being covered by more recent artists. Whenever I want to stick some songs on I'll go onto Spotify and just stick on a 'Best Christmas Album' and soon find that I can't stand half of the songs on there. What I tend to do now is to go through and add all my favourites to my own playlist so I don't have to keep skipping through all the ones I don't like.

There's a few of the things I tend to forgot about until Christmas. I do love this time of year and have tried to get myself a little more organised to keep on top of all the festive activities. Do you have anything that you only remember when we enter December?


Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Gift Guide For The Girl In Your Life

My girlfriend Laura offered to do a female gift guide based upon a girl's point of view, so this is her guide to what you should buy your girlfriend, sister, mother or aunt this Christmas.


I don't know about you but I love a good bag. You can't just stick with one sized bag and hope for the best, so I've picked out two beautiful ones that would be handy all year round. The first is one by Dune (£35.00) which is a Micro Glitter Cross Body Bag in rose gold. It's perfect for special occasions or even a casual weekend style. If you're looking to buy a bigger bag, the Ted Baker Leather Cross Body Bag with Geometric Bow (£189.00) has more of a classic design to it, and you can remove the straps too. It's leather and has interior pockets so would be perfect for every season.


Whether it's stocking fillers or the main gift, most girls love a bit of makeup. The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette (£38.50) has 12 shades in it to create a perfect everyday or evening look. It's got plenty of warm shades to choose from and comes with a large mirror inside. It's a great gift to add to your girlfriend's naked palette collection. The New Look Glitter Pouch Cosmetics Brush Set (£14.99) is such a pretty stocking filler as it is a set of 5 makeup brushes. Inside the packaging there is also a rose gold glitter pouch which is ideal of hair grips and bobbles. The Models Own Hypergel Glitter Nail Varnish in Crystal Pink (£5.00) has a gloss-like finish that's enriched with lotus flower oil. It's highly pigmented with super fine bits of glitter in and would be great for any occasion.

Clothing and Accessories

So if your girl is really feminine and tends to love all things magical, she will love the Club L Night Mermaid Blanket (£32.00). It's made of soft-touch warm knit fabric, machine washable and is a trending item this Christmas. I'm actually really wanting one of these *hint hint* as it looks really cosy. The ASOS Heaven Sent Heeled Sandals (£45.00) would go perfect with the Dune bag mentioned earlier. They have an ankle strap fastening with a block heel and they're even wipe clean. The heel is 4" so smaller than other heels so most girls would love them.


The Sass and Belle Copper Heart Jewellery Holder (£16.00) is fabulous for girls with a lot more jewellery than they need. If she has bracelets, necklaces and body chains then this is a great solution to clutter. It hangs on the wall so is a lovely wall feature at the same time. Finally, the Happy Plugs Pink Gold Earphones (£24.99) is a gift made for music lovers. They have the in-ear design with microphone and mini remote to change or alter music. They work with all phones and tablets and come in a handy storage case to stop the earphones tangling.

I hope you enjoyed my pink themed gift guide and found something perfect for your loved one this Christmas.

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Tech Wish List

Fitbit Blaze

I've liked the idea of these for a while now and would love to finally own one of them. They are such a useful gadget that can be worn anytime as it doesn't scream fitness monitor but still provides you with all the stats you need to monitor things such as your steps and heart rate, without the need for a separate band around your chest. I noticed that they recently released a gun metal version of the blaze which looks really slick and smart so could be worn for work too. I seem to keep saying this but I'd like to try to get back into running and the Fitbit would be great as it provides real time run stats when connected to your phone's GPS which would be really handy.

GoPole Reach

Myself and Laura are starting to make more videos for our YouTube channel and I've been looking for ways to improve the content we put up on there. I've been toying with the idea of an extension pole for the GoPro for a while now and have finally decided it would be a great accessory to have. It can extend from 14 to 40 inches which would give a completely different angle to shoot from and would mean we could film ourselves a little more without having a camera right up in our faces. You could also capture more of the surroundings using this. Using the pole for filming what we are seeing which provide a more stable mount so that the shots look smoother.


This is something a little more on the luxury side but they are starting to come down in price now as they are becoming more popular. I've recently bought a PS4 Pro which can output 4K resolution depending on the game, so it would be interesting to see the detail of this. At the minute there don't seem to be too many games that can play in this high res, but in the future this should become more common. TV shows and films are also starting to be produced in 4K so watching these on a big screen would be impressive. My GoPro can also capture footage capable of playing back on this kind of TV so it would look amazing to see my travels in crisp detail.

GoPro Smart Remote

Another accessory for the GoPro would be the wireless remote so that I could have more freedom and practicality when taking photos and video. It has an impressive wireless range and can clipped onto things such as the GoPole reach to make taking shots easier. You can also use it to trigger the camera to record at certain points, whether this is when you are coming into shot or when it's set up somewhere out the way. It's so small and compact that it can be slipped in your pocket or kit bag to be taken anywhere with you. 

GoPro The Frame

Okay I promise this is the last accessory for the GoPro on my list, but it will improve the quality our our videos. The frame would provide easy access to all of the ports so you wouldn't have to keep taking it out the housing to plug it in. A huge benefit of this mount is the improved audio quality as it does not get hindered by the case at all. It also gives a lower profile option for mounting the camera to make it slightly less bulky.

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Monday, 14 November 2016

5 Of The Best Places To Eat In Liverpool

Red's True BBQ - Hanover Street

Serves: American style such as Donut Burger, Pitmaster Meat Tray and steaks 
I recently went here for my birthday and was really impressed with what was on offer. The meat trays are something different to your standard meal as you can have a variety of different meats in one dish. The Pitmaster Tray contains: St Louis ribs, Black Angus brisket, Red's pulled pork and smoked cheese & jalapeno sausage. If burgers are more you thing then they have an interesting range of options including a huge Pit Burger to the Donut Burger. And yes that is a burger with glazed donuts as your bun. You can also choose from other items such as sandwiches to steak with these ranging anything from £5 to roughly £20, so pretty similar to other restaurants out there.

Crust - Bold Street

Serves: Pizza, Pasta, Beer
I'm not going to lie, pizza is my weakness so whenever I go out for a meal this is always on my list. You might be wondering what makes this place different to any other pizza restaurant. Here you choose the crust (hence the name) first to decide what you want it baking on. You get to choose between: original, five grain, organic and black dough which you then choose your pizza or make your own from the toppings available. If this doesn't take your fancy then they have a number of pasta options and a few things on the grill menu. If you're needing something to wash it down with then a substantial list of cocktails or Italian beers and local ales might just do the job. Prices here range from £5 up to the £15 mark. If you want to find out a little more I did a full review.

Viva Brazil - Castle Street

Serves: Brazilian BBQ meats with a fresh salad bar
Another restaurant that is something different to loads of others out there. Depending which option you go for, you either have the seven or fifteen meats and they range from £9.95 to £24.95 depending which day you go on and whether you have the lunch or dinner menu. After choosing whatever you want from the salad bar, the waiters come round to your table with a different meat on each skewer and then they calf you some off onto your plate. If you do go for the seven different meats options (which I did and it was still very filling) then you get a sheet and mark off the seven you want.

Jamie's Italian - Paradise Street

Serves: Pizza, Pasta, Burgers and more
I think this has to one of my favourite chain restaurants as you get amazing fresh food for a very reasonable price. If you ever want to go to Jamie's it's definitely worth signing up to be part of the Gold Club. You get free tasters on every visit plus other offers such as money off your bill and free drinks. The best part - it's free to join with no catches. The food consists of pasta, salads, pizza, steaks and some great sides and desserts. Prices for meals start at around £5.50 for the lunch options up to £22.95 for your 35-day sirloin steak. You can really taste the different flavours in the food and know it's fresh (you can even see the pasta being made in front of you if you're sat upstairs). You can see more of Jamie's from when I reviewed their Evening Menu.

TGI Friday's - Liverpool ONE, Paradise Street

Serves: American Burgers, Hot Dogs, Steaks and Chicken
Another chain one here but the food they offer is great. You get so much for your money and it's flavoured so well. My current favourite is the Chicken Fingers or Jack Daniel's Sesame Chicken Strips, although they have amazing ribs and an impressive lineup of burgers that I can also vouch for. They also have a good range of cocktails which would be a nice addition. Prices here range from around £7 to £24 depending on your choice, but there is a good choice of options in between this.

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